My Super Powers Collection Tour!
February 21, 2009

Okay, I finally got around to taking new pics of my Super Powers collection, and I figured I would highlight it in my blog in case anyone was interested.  I may add to descriptions of things later on, but for now I’ve put up some explanations on certain photos so people would know what they’re looking at.  I hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as I enjoy collecting this line…it’s really been a LOT of fun! A few thank-yous before I proceed : Mike Mensinger at…Mike has been a wealth of knowledge and is always around to offer support and give me a heads-up on something I might want.  Jason & Dan here at AFI…what can I say that hasn’t been said already about these guys?  They are Super Powers fanatics through-and-through, and they inspire me to be as obsessed as I am…same with all the guys who haunt the Vintage forum here at AFI like Kastor and Roadhouse.   Finally, the guys over at Rebelscum both in the forums and in the chatroom…Allan, Josh, Lee, Steve, James, Shane, Dan…you guys are the best, especially humoring me when I pop into the middle of a Star Wars discussion and start my SP crap.  😀

Okay, here we go…

The entire collection is housed in the bedroom, and I’ll be buying a 5th bookcase for expansion this weekend.  After the 5th is filled I may need to re-think where I put all this junk!  Oh, and for those worrying about what women will say when they look at such an avalanche of nerdness…hey, it’s in the bedroom!  If they’re in there I’ve already won the battle!  😉

This is the main display across from the bed…that’s a small HDTV in the middle where I view programming at all hours of my insomnia-filled nights.


The side case near the door, then the case facing you as you walk in the room.


Deatils!  I’ll start with the first wall, since it’s pretty basic.  It’s a full US-card release set, with every card having the "Fan Club Offer" on the front.  I went with this card form because I thought it looked the cleanest, and the only one I’m missing is Darkseid. He’s very tough to find with a clear bubble on this cardback.

The Shazam is the most difficult debut card to find in the US set.  He and Pharaoh are nearly impossible to find with clear bubbles.

The bottom shelf has 3 of the 10 previously released characters on 33-back cards (think POTF as a related concept).  These three characters are the most common examples.

This is the full set of 8 Canadian small card figures from Shell Gas Stations.  Of these, Red Tornado is the toughest to find, with Green Lantern coming in second. Also in this picture is the SP metal lunchbox, Darkseid Saga 45rpm record premium, SP bumper sticker, and an unreleased Justice League of America coffee mug.

On top are two 13×19 Super Powers posters framed together.  I’m not sure if they were sold in stores.

Next up is the side case.  In this shot we’ve got the Super Powers carrying case, which I was lucky to find still sealed.  Also on this shelf is the Burger King cup holder premium store display.

My first batch of European Trilingual figures.  The cardbacks are smaller than the US releases by about a third, and they were released with and without the large "Free Poster" stickers.  The Superman is one without it.  The carded Hawkman is the only example known to exist at this time.

Three carded Gulliver releases from Brazil.  The figures are a rubbery material and are probably bootlegs since there’s no DC copyright information anywhere.  They also came with posters, and the cards are smaller still than the Trilinguals.

Ah, the oddball stuff.  Eventually I want to track down everything I can find in this category.  Here we have The Trilingual card Luthor (who came right from some European battlefield…the condition sucks), boxed Nerf Wrist Fliers (with an extra Wonder Woman dart inside), unused Lily Ledy overstock parts (Flash and WW heads being the highlights), and a sealed book & tape set of "The Darkseid of the Moon!"  Too corny!  🙂  On the bottom shelf are a set of four unused kid’s meal boxes from Burger King.

 Now the case facing the doorway.   Some of my favorite stuff is in this case!  Here are three proof cards : "Fan Club Offer" Aquaman and Green Lantern flanking a Cyclotron.

Next is the Brainiac shelf.  Superman Cape offer 23-back, unreleased 33-back proof card, and department store stock sealed baggie figure stapled to a card.

Estrela Hawkman  & Plastic Man from Brazil, and a carded sample of Plastic Man mounted to a Canadian bilingual cardback.  From what I’ve read I believe this sample is the most commonly found.

Three more previously-released characters on 33-back cards.  The Firestorm has only 5 known examples I believe, and the Robin is the only one I’ve ever seen for sale or pictured (tho I’m sure Mike Mensinger has one).  😀

Jaymar Heroes and Villains puzzles (the bad guys are still sealed), carded Super Amigos Riddler from Argentina, and the cardback for the Super Amigos Darkseid.

Welp, that’s it for now, but I’m sure I’ll be ready for another update in about a month.  Here’s a small preview of what’s to come!  If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, and thanks for checking out my collection!



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  • Rob says:

    Really sweet stuff Chip and I really enjoyed your writing too. I love displays that aren’t all cluttered up and your collection certainly falls in to that category. Only another toy collector can appreciate what you managed to put together which is why I took the time to write this message. I’m looking forward to future blogs.

  • ZAXILLA2 says:

    I have been waiting to see these, and they look fantastic. As amazing as the carded collection is, I really love the framed posters. I also love how all of the design and color of the card backs look. they are way better than anything that you would see on the shelf today. Thanks for sharing this, Chip. I can’t wait to see more SP and Secret Wars!

  • Rjackson says:

    Chip – really nice collection and display – I am a huge SP fan/collector, but barely have a full set of loose figures – your collection of carded figures is truly impressive – I’m green with envy!

    Just to return it a little, the two jewels of my collection are a Aisle Header store display (the big one, two-sided with the heroes and villains in action poses set against a city backdrop) and Paris Cullin’s original pencil and ink artwork that was used for the Series three insert poster. Unlike the poster, the artwork features the All Terrain Trapper!

    If you’re interested, drop me a line and I can send you pics! Mike Mensinger might be interested in seeing those as well.

    Thanks again for sharing your great collection!

  • Hourman says:

    Deeeelicious! What a wonderful collection of my most favoritest toyline ever and of all-time!

  • Quinn says:

    That’s beautiful, Chip–I didn’t ever collect SP (I was a Star Wars fiend back in the day) but I always drooled over them. Fantastic collection, great setup.

    Thanks for sharing ’em.

  • fallen eldor says:

    What No vehicles? loser! 😛 Great Collection Chip! Super Powers, MOTU, Starwars and Dino Riders are the only thing I could ever want a MOC collection of. I love the non figure stuff the most, especially the puzzles and posters. I remember seeing the book & tape set before, (Think I had one as a kid)but I’ve always wonder how man different books they made? Do you plan on collecting all the non figure stuff like the comics and VHS tapes?

  • Captain Cold says:

    You collection sucks. I STRONGLY suggest you throw them away. Throw them my way, Here’s my address…

    But seriously, AWESOME stuff man! Top flight!

  • Jim Abell says:

    Impressive. Most impressive. Good job, Chip!

  • J1h15233 says:

    Very very impressive Chip. I was wondering if we’d ever see this after all your little hints about it. I wish I had the willpower to keep MOC figures but I just have too much fun opening them.

  • Christophe says:

    Love this Chip! I’ve been wanting to see your SP collection for the longest time. You keep them very neatly. Great stuff

  • Howard the Duck says:

    Wow! And I thought I was cool with my almost complete loose set of Super Powers. That’s a killer collection…congrats to ya!

  • Jason says:

    Very impressive collection Chip!

  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    Awesome collection, Chip. Well done. Man, I had totally forgotten about those Burger King cups until I saw them here. Thanks for posting, it was a fun read!

  • Jen says:

    awesome collection! although as a woman, i gotta say that if i ever got in your bedroom we’d spend the whole time talking about your collection. …so i guess that’d be half the battle–lost.

  • texgnome1 says:

    Wow Chip, thanks for sharing. Love seeing them all laid out like that. Great display, and some very unique pieces. Can’t wait o see what you have to show us next.

  • Bob says:

    I’m pretty sure there was a Canadian small card gas station Flash. I seem to recall standing there debating buying it for what seemed like an eternity, but didn’t and had to find it much later at a toy show. I would defer to you and not my memory from 23 years ago, thogh.

  • David says:

    I remember the small cards (Supes, Bats, WW, Robin) being in KB also. Were they different somehow. Main point, fantastic collection man! It made my morning looking through it. Looking forward to Secret Wars too!

  • Darren says:

    Wow! That is really impressive. A true labour of love. Or massive OCD.

    But then I think we all suffer from a certain extent of that… 😉

    Great stuff, and some stuff I never even heard of before!

  • darkknight30 says:

    Wow Chip!!! That is truly impressive! I am envious of that fantastic collection of yours! WOW!!!

  • bambam says:

    Looking at those Canadian Shell gas station figures really take me back to my childhood. I remember begging my parents for a toy to no avail every time we visited a retail store. Whenever they gassed up at a Shell, they were assailable to my wishes. All of my SP figures came from those gas station visits. Thanks for bringing back great memories, Chip.

  • Man, that is one wickedly impressive collection you have going there. It makes me miss my carded Super Powers collection, even though it was small potatoes by comparison. I commend your dedication, sir.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Very nice, but where is your Justice League of America Skyscraper Caper game?

  • Neil says:

    The artwork by Jose Garcia Lopez is briliant. A great collection.

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