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February 17, 2008


UPDATED- NECA gallery is now online! 

NECA once again has surprised us with their bags of coolness on display this year at Toy Fair. Stuff coming for 2008 includes a 7" Joey Ramone figure, new Cult Classics including Jareth & Hoggle from Labyrinth, Regan from the Exorcist (climbing the stairs backward!), Macheté from Grindhouse (standing on a car), Sam from Trick or Treat (the guy in a burlap sack), Beetlejuice (!), and an Arnold Schwarzeneggar Conan figure (!!!). Other movie related items include a new Stuntman Mike figure and an 8" replica of the "Pussy Wagon" truck from Kill Bill.

Harry Potter continues with the Fred & George Weasley, Lucious Malfoy, Mad-Eye Moody, Harry from the Sorceror’s Stone, and a Richard Harris Dumbledore. Dumbldore’s beard and Malfoy’s hair were cast in a clear white plastic with painted highlights for a very cool effect.

Eastman & Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic versions were shown, along with a painted April O’Neil. A Foot Soldier is in the works, and if all goes well Eastman’s versions of the Turtles will be sculpted, too (Laird’s versions are what’s shown). The famed Four Horsemen did the sculpts and protoyping for the Turtles, with NECA doing the paint in house. One cool thing that is also coming is black & white versions of the turtles, too.

Gears of War will see it’s first toy line, with the first wave including Marcus, Cole, Locust drone, & Locust sniper. One of them has a rad exploding head, dude!

Other big news is that NECA now has a giftware license for DC Comics, kind of like the stuff Monogram has been making. The license incldues the Dark Knight movie. The giftware range is pretty vast- DC head bobbers- Superman, Batman (Neal Adams version!), Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, engraved wood plaques (logos), pennants, wall scrolls, pin signs, character silhouettes, keychains, salt/pepper shakers, plush logo pillows, 3D nightlites, sculpted wall clocks, alarm clocks, and mugs. Whew!

They’ll be making a giftware range of Sweeney Todd merch, too, including a really nice razor replica. And finally, they’re offering a lawn inflatable Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story to horrify the neighbors with.

 More pics to come!




Conan, Jareth 


Harry Potter




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

April O’Neil 

Gears of War 





Gears of War 



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