New DCUC 2-packs listed on BBTS – Updated!
December 18, 2008

Four new DCUC 2-packs are up for order on

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs – Batman Vs. Clayface

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs – Superman Vs. Classic Brainiac

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs – Lex Luthor Vs. Supergirl

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs – Golden Age Hawkman & Golden Age Hawkgirl

No photos are posted yet.

You can see the listings here:

Toy Guru just posted on our message boards with a bit of clarification on these sets:

"So here is the deal with the new DCUC 2 packs and new IH Mallah’s Revenge 6 packs that has shown up on some internet sites.

These are currently "proposed" packs which we would very much like to get to. What are the factors holding them up you say? Well fan interest that is what!

To generate this, we have offered these packs to online retailers in hopes of generating enough pre-sales and support going into production. If we do recieve that and can hit the minimum order quantity we need to go into production, these packs will roll out throughout 2009. Here is the skinny:

Batman vs Clayface

Batman will be in his black and gray costume with "mud splatter" effects. Clayface will be an exact reissue of this hard to find figure.

Superman vs Brianiac.

This is proposed as a standard Superman figure (Eradicator head on the Wave 6 Superman body with red heat vision eyes) vs. Classic Brainiac (green head) with an all new head and coller piece. Brainic will come armed with Luthor’s gun from the 2007 figure.

Supergirl vs. Luthor

This will be a reissue of the Blue outfit Kara Supergirl and the power suit Lex, but perhapes with a little surprise in the accessories!

Golden Age Hawk Pack

Two new figures to start your golden age collection.

So again, all of these packs are pending fan interest. Because they are not being carried (at this time) by any of the large box stores, we need to generate a minimum order before we can turn on the green light and go into production.

And while many may ask "why not sell these on", well, that is because we have other more intensive packs with more obscure characters from the DC universe planned for the offerings which are already going forward – check out the new issue of Toy Fare for a sneak peak at Alex Luthor and Ultraman. These 4 packs are meant to get harded to find figures back in collectors hands. (vs the Matty packs are all news characters in each pack).

If these packs do not get produced, we will try to work these characters back into the line down the road. But for now, the best way to show support for these packs is to place pre orders with your favorite online retailer today!

Also, look for a surprise reveal on right after Xmas this year! "



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