New for 2014 – Mattel’s 3.75″ Evergreen Batman Line
January 11, 2014


As we start the new year and stores start re-setting their post-holiday aisles, more new products are hitting stores now.  As we saw at SDCC last year Mattel is thinking small when it comes to retail.  Smaller figures that is.   The “evergreen’ Batman line is shrinking from 5″ to 3.75” and Batman is bringing along all of his super friends to a pretty extensive first wave of members of the Justice League and more villains! These figures are still kind of chunky and stylized even in their smaller form.   They seem to by a combination of New 52 costumes and new designs created by Mattel.

There’s a wave of single carded figures, 2 five figure multi-packs and a 3-pack with Robo Joker.   As of this writing I have only seen these figures at Target stores.

I haven’t had a chance to open any of them yet, so you’re going to have to admire them carded/boxed first.

First we’ll look at some of the single carded figures.   There are single carded figures of “regular” Batman and Robin, but I didn’t grab those since they are also in the multi-packs.


BatEG4inSupermanCrdFt BatEG4inSupermanCrdBk

The Flash

BatEG4inFlashCrdFt BatEG4inFlashCrdBk

Az Bats (Blue version.  The red repaint is in a multi-pack)

BatEG4inAzBatCrdFt BatEG4inAzBatCrdBk

The Joker

BatEG4inJokerCrdFt BatEG4inJokerCrdBk

Target Exclusive Gotham City All-Stars 5 Pack. (this set was available on in late 2013)

BatEGbox2Ft BatEGbox2Bk

 Gotham City Showdown Multi-pack

BatEGbox1Ft BatEGbox1Bk

The Joker Robo Rampage set


And finally one tail-end 5″ figure I had never seen before – Robin!

BatEG5inRobinCrdFt BatEG5inRobinCrdBk

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  • Nick says:

    Did you find the 7-pack at target as well or did you get it via the internet ?

  • Ricky says:

    Looks like yet another “boys only” line from Mattel. Disappointing.

  • BubbaShelby says:

    I found these at my local Target the other day and picked up Azrael. I do wish they had stayed with the larger scale, and at this scale some of these figures come across as direct descendants of the Infinite Heroes line (which is sure to anger plenty of fans) but if you liked the 5″ versions, you’ll be fine with this line. And it is nice to see so much variety of characters right off the…ahem…bat.

  • Berrto says:

    Looks like Mattel just took a huge dump on Toy shelves everywhere. Clearly Mattel is run by folks with some sort of severe mental deficiency.

  • Skott says:

    I’m heartbroken by the scale change in this line. I love the stylized look and got all the individual characters (and a couple of the Batman variants) in the larger size, but I’m not about to start the series over. Shame too, they’re really fun and I was so excited when I saw the new wave until I found out they shrunk. Oh well.

  • Darrell says:

    Most definitely not for me. But if it gets a whole new generation of kids into collecting action figures and supporting DC heroes, I guess it’s a good thing. I’m just finding it really hard to let the DC Universe Classics line go, but I guess it’s time to face facts and move on, even if it means my collecting days are over for awhile.

  • George says:

    Going to Target this weekend. Maybe they’ll have some of these on the shelves. I’ve liked this line thus far.

  • Wrenn says:

    Found all these except the Clayface set at a Canadian Target today. The Clayface set was all I really wanted today so I left them but I will go back when I have more cash. Also had 4″ Batmobile and 6″ scale kicking action ones, where you squeeze a trigger and the figure spins around. Had Batman, Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze. Hopefully Scarecrow sees a proper release. Bummed about the switch from 6″ to 3.75, but I still think they are fun. Too bad it looks like 6″ Bane and Riddler will never get released…

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