New Hasbro Vintage Toy Biz Style Marvel Legends
October 25, 2017

OK, this one took us all by surprise at Comic-Con this year.  Those of us who grew up collecting the old Toy Biz Marvel Super-Heroes 5″ line immediately recognized the card backs and obvious homages to that great line that started a revolution.  Using (mostly) existing bucks and tooling, Hasbro has tugged at our nostalgic heart strings, all while giving us some pretty great renditions of these classic characters.  The funny thing is, these mostly represent little tweaks and changes that many fans have been asking for color-wise.  These are a lot of fun, and feature frustratingly little improvements that make them must-buys.  Collectors have been asking for some side-by-side comparison images, so here we go!

The Punisher

Frank Castle here is a repaint of the Walgreens exclusive, with a few notable changes.  First, he’s the classic black & white costume.  Second, the gave him the missing trigger fingers he was badly missing.  Of note, they swapped the stubble paint job on the heads, and it works much better here.  Also, the head band is now red.  Well played, Hasbro.


Spider-Man is a repaint of the great “Pizza Spidey” that sold out instantly over a year ago.  This time,the blue is a more classic shade, and the red has a more matte finish.  This little change make him that much better for me.

Black Widow

Natasha here is a reuse of one of the current female bodies, and uses the new Mary Jane Watson head.  Personally,I couldn’t handle thathead, so I replaced it with the extra head that came with the Dark Phoenix set, and I think it works great.  She’s a must for those who missed the now-pricey Toys R Us two packs.

Captain America

Cap reuses the latest “Cap Wolf” figure, with a much more classic color scheme and painted on scales.  He also includes the throwing hand from the Secret Wars Cap.  As much as I like the colors used on this figure, the head still looks way to much like US agent, and illustrates how badly we need an all-new Captain America sculpt.  Still, the colors are vastly improved.

Iron Man

At first, I thought Iron Man was a straight repaint of the classic Secret Wars 80’s armor, but when I got him in hand, I was surprised to discover that he’s got the most new tooling of all of them.  He sports all new forearm and lower leg armor sculpts, and includes rockets blast effects pieces for his boots.


Wolverine was the one I was actually most excited about, and I think he steals the show.  Based on the uber-popular Wolverine from the Juggernaut wave, this version improves on that great figure by brightening the colors to a more classic palette, and adds the unmasked head and pulled back mask.  Expect him to sell out first, it’s just a hunch.

That’s all for now, happy hunting!  As always, see you in the toy isles!

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Steve "Captain Collector" Ceragioli
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  • Scott says:

    I die a little inside when I see the red pegs showing on the blue parts of Spider-Man figures. 😛
    I have Pizza Spidey so I don’t need this one though the changes in paint do sound a tad more appealing.

    Wolverine looks good. I prefer regular clothes wolverine (particularly Hugh Jackman) but if I gotta have a spandex Wolvie then I always prefer the brown suit shown here.

  • Jay says:

    Yeah – the Iron Man is a huge improvement over the original one from a few years ago. I was really disappointed, but I’m definitely getting him now!

  • JOhn says:

    Blackwidow, Spiderman and Captain America steal the show for me. The red pegs make Spidy look more toy like which I find endearing. The cap is great! I haven’t seen one in person yet but if Hasbro doesn’t #$@& up quality control on the paint he should be great (like the recent Vance Astro for example). This is should have been the first Blackwidow made, probably the only one needed.

    It looks to me like we have two different versions of Ironman Mark 9 (old one) and Mark 12 (new one). I don’t like one more then the other, but I don’t want either with those @^$# *@^, *@?!* *!^$*%^, hips!
    The last version of Wolverine was great. I can’t see anything about this new one that necessitates buying ( I won’t pay $20 plus for a head). I am split on Punisher, maybe if he came with all the accessories of the newer one I would be all in. Speaking of accessories most of these could use a few more.

  • Black Widow looks built on the green Phoenix body.
    I’d rather not have most of her pictures, including the comparison picture, using some weird alternate head that it doesn’t even come with.

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