New in the AFi Archive – MOTUC Sy-Klone and King Hssss
April 15, 2011


We have a Masters of the Universe 2-fer today.  One new figure and one just released figure: Sy-Klone and King Hssss.

Sy-Klone will be for sale on today. He’s a nice mix of classic and 200x with the inclusion of his clip on ring/weapon. At Toy Fair Mattel mentioned that they were careful to match the paint color on Sy-Klone’s face to make it match Keldor as they are now supposed to be part of the same race.  While Sy-Klone doesn’t have an action feature like the classic figure, the Four Horsemen DID sculpt the finger dial on the belt like the classic version had.   He also sports a seven position lenticular on his chest.  His shoulder were reversed on the prototype at Toy Fair (accidentally mis-assemebled by the team that sets up the booth.) but they are correct on the figure.  He also has hidden ankle pegs.


King Hsss has been live in the archives for about a month, I just hadn’t gotten around to putting a blurb up on the front page.   I’ve actually had the figure in hand since February, I just got discouraged about  fans getting SO upset about the shoulder thing in light of everything else going on in the world at that time and I just couldn’t muster getting editorial about it at the time.  If you are among the 1% of fans who don’t know what I’m talking about then you can read more after the jump.

Hssss is a fairly simple figure with some newly sculpted pieces.  He comes with two accessories, a staff and a shield and you can swap out his upper torso with another one to show his snake form.

You can check out Sy-Klone’s entry in the archives here.

You can check out King Hssss here.


 Both samples were provided by Mattel


It happened again.  Some shoulders were reversed on a MOTUC figure.  This time it was on King Hssss.  And how big of a deal that is depends on who you ask, but for some fans it is a very big deal worthy of burning down the internets.

Wanted to give everyone an update on the King Hssss "situation".

I met with Bill and Terry from design and TC and Brittany from engineering. For starters, we are all at a shock that this slipped through. It was assembled so early on and we all (myself included) reviewed him at multiple stages and no one ever caught this.

We’ve already formulated plans to create more checkpoints included multiple reviews against the Horsemen paintmaster as well as looping them in on the review process even more. I can’t promise there won’t ever be mistakes, but we are doing our best! It really kills us when something we work on so hard does not come out right.

Second, we pulled a Hssss apart and it turns out that due to the angles of the connectors, we can’t even do a quick fix and swap the shoulders like we did for He-Man. He would actually require newly tool’d shoulders. This makes a re-issues a bit even more unlikely.

While this is not the greatest news, it does at least firm up that if you want King Hssss, this is the version for now. He will go back on sale April 1st when the rest of the already produced quota arrives (much like what happened with Vikor.) He is not going to be "discounted" on the 1st. If you choose to pass on him, totally respect that. But just know there are no plans for a Hssss 2.0 anytime soon.

The good news he is still a pretty amazing figure. Yes the detailing of the shoulder armor is a bit off. But in the end, I can honestly say this does not destroy the figure for me (I was actually more bothered by Roboto, which was really the same minor detail change). The armor still looks really cool to me.

Lots more MOTUC goodness is coming. We’ll be flipping around Catra’s card at C2E2 tomorrow as well as making some announcements about the DCUC vs MOTUC line. I’m not in Chicago, but be sure to say hi to the Matty Team and hang out in our basement if going to the show!




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