New JLU on its way – Good and Bad
November 15, 2009

ToyGuru wrote: "The new 6 packs should be out in a few weeks too. Look for the Hawk and Eclipso packs only at Target! TG "

This news is only partially great.

Great that the Hawk set is shipping (3 new characters, 1 new cool variant costume).

Disappointing that Mattel is still producing the Eclipso pack after all the negative fan reaction to that set’s pack-out.

Come on Mattel, you say JLU is a fan line, but when the fans tell you straight up that a proposed product is NOT wanted, you really should listen.

I consider myself a huge JLU fan, but I have NO desire to spend 20 to 30 dollars for 1 new figure and a bunch of repaints.

We have asked before, if you must give us repaints, give us ones that matter. Batman from JL:Savage Time. Superman from JL:Hereafter. Superman from Batman Beyond’s The Call.

This ‘eclipsoed’ set of heroes is just more of the wasting of plastic that pervades sets like the Captain Atom, Galetea, Question, and Blackhawk 3 packs.

Its really simple. Maximize the new characters. Minimize the repeats. You get it right some times so when you get it wrong, its hard to understand why.  And this Eclipso themed pack is just plain wrong.

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  • darkknight30 says:


  • jzachery says:

    I absolutely agree with you SF, as a collector. But a big part of me just thinks that this Eclipso set may sell so well at retail to the general public, that it could give JLU more longevity at the retail level. Had the Batman Beyond 3 pack not been in such short supply, I expect that would have been a huge seller too.
    It seems with JLU it’s always a mixed bag, we get some collector requests, alot of fodder for the public, some odd choices, some non show characters, etc.
    But I do think that having almost the entire league in a pack may serve well. But I def understand collectors be PO’d.

  • j1h15233 says:

    What’s going to be really bad about this pack is that people will for sure be replacing Eclipso with a Killowog or something and taking it back to the store.

  • Veil1 says:

    I will definitely be passing on the eclipso set. I’ve actually gotten pretty cold to JLU in general.. not because of the figures themselves, just how things have been handled as well as the price increases. The hawk set is a must have for me though:)

  • jamiwa3 says:

    The Eclipso six-pack is wrong in every way imaginable. If Mattel is going to make us buy a six-pack to get one new figure, then at least make it an oversized character like Kalibak, or a popular character like Vandal Savage. If they want a pack with several original members so it will sell well, then simply release a six-pack with six of the original seven or re-release the Toys R Us original members seven-pack. It’s not as if it’s unprecedented, they released a Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman three-pack on the black and purple card. That way, mom and pops get the popular characters, and collectors don’t have to buy five figures they have dozens of just to get one new figure.

    I’ve supported this line from the beginning (Volcana is my only missing figure), but I absolutely refuse to pay $30 for Eclipso. I’ll wait until someone sells him individually on E-bay, although I like j1h15233’s genius idea to get him for free.

  • texgnome1 says:

    Couldn’t agree more SF. This pack represents all that is wrong with the JLU line over the last year. Heck, in many ways it’s the culmination. But at a price point of $30, with only one new figure I had better get an oversized character like STRIPE, Lobo, Clayface, Kalibak, SOMETHING. With even one more new figure, I could have stomached it. Heck, they could have repainted Mirror Master as Heatwave and I could have lived with it.

    As it is, I’ll be stashing one and waiting for the after Christmas clearance. Sad to say that, but I just can’t justify spending that amount for one new figure.

  • wadsworth says:

    and people wonder why we walk into a target and see a returned “new” 6 pack, bought, swapped and re-paced with all teh old re-release figures.

  • chad says:

    doing the eclipso pack after fans said they did not want it proves that sadly the line is headed for life support. for they could have least packed the thing if they were going to use repaints make it include some earlier hard to now get figures fans missed out on the first time. but Matel can not be perfect all the time with their lines. impossible

  • tim says:

    Right on with you. I wished that Mattel would have kept Eclipso and added more villian like Vandal Savage, Morgan La Fey, Mordred,Kalibak,Despero. Villains that were on the show that have not been made yet to finish out some of the sets. That would be the cool thing and would sell. If Mattel would just listen to us they would make money.

  • H-Balm says:

    Solid thoughts on this Blog.

  • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

    I’m just awaiting the inevitable threads and pictures about what folks find returned in the Eclipso packs.

    “I found the Eclipso pack but he was gone and someone stuck in X”

    Not that I recommend doing that, but with the rash of swap & return stories about the DCUC Wal Mart 5 Pack, this 6 pack with only ONE figure worth buying is practically daring repackers to go crazy…


  • Erik superfriend says:

    I forgot to mention one question I have for the designers when I wrote the blog. Why would we need 2 almost identical copies of Green Lantern released so closely together?

    • texgnome1 says:

      We DON’T superfriend. You hit that nail RIGHT on the head. This is part of why we wound up in trouble last year. Two of the four three packs on the shelf at the same time had Green Lantern (Fire/Ice, Captain Atom) AND they released a single version. And surprisingly few versions of Batman to draw people’s attention. They say they’re listening, but this stuff makes me wonder.

  • MisterPL says:

    If you DON’T want the Eclipsed set, don’t tell Mattel. Tell TARGET. The more e-mails they get, the more likely they’ll tell Mattel to come up with a better idea.

    • wadsworth says:

      because they come in the same case as the thanagar set. and we want that one. target can not order just the one and not the other.
      we want eclipso too. we just don’t want to have to pay for 5 other figures that we alreday have 7 each of, to get the eclipso.

  • stcardinal says:

    I mean would it really kill Mattel to include Shayera in track suit instead of Hawkgirl? Even that little change would make it better.

  • H-Balm says:

    Who lets these marketing people in the meetings?

    “We gotta get core characters out to the market. Moms and Grandmas need to buy their sweeties Batman, Superman, and the other characters we know.”


  • GL007 says:

    I know this will sound jaded,but this is simply Mattel trying to maximize sales. If they make 3 new figures, its more profitable to sell 3 different 3packs than 1 3pack containing all the new figures. I’ve tried to keep up, but I”m drowning in Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and John Stewart figures. ENOUGH ALREADY. Every pack should be unique or just release them as singles – that would benefit fans.

  • TPTBeyond says:

    My friend actually had a good idea: if it comes out before Christmas, he’s gonna buy the pack, swap out Eclipso with someone from the fodder bin (maybe Luthor or someone) and drop it in a donation bin. It still looks like a new pack, and he gets to give it to someone who would really enjoy it. And what kid would rather have Eclipso instead of Luthor anyway?

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