New Y-MSF Gorosaurus Images!
February 20, 2014

Seeing as 2014 is the year of Godzilla (new major motion picture, 60th anniversary, etc.), it only seems appropriate that we are being treated to a slew of new toys and figures. Not to be lost in the shuffle is Y-MSF, the little company that could.


I’ve long been a fan of their products, as they are one of the only companies around still making vinyl Godzilla figures. If you’re not familliar with their story, it’s pretty amazing, as they’re practically a one-man operation. Their figures are highly detailed, ultra limited run, fan requested characters. Up next for release is Gorosaurus, the crusty dinosaur who fought King Kong in 1967’s forgotten King Kong Escapes, and later helps Godzilla face the evil space monster King Gidorah in the opus “Destroy All Monsters”. Y-MSF is releasing both versions, which feature different poses and slightly different color schemes, as film aporopriate representations.  The painted versions are shipping VERY soon, and are available exclusively through Tempting Collectibles in the US. We’ve been given the opportunity to present the in painted test samples here at AFI, here’s some pics for you to enjoy!



I’d like to that the folks at Y-MSF and Tempting Collectibles for allowing us to show these cool figures to you!


Steve "Captain Collector" Ceragioli
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