#NewToyTuesday – Disney’s “Zootopia”: Figures Review
January 12, 2016


For today’s “New Toy Tuesday” I’ll be taking a look at Tomy’s line of figures for the new Disney animated film “Zootopia”. The movie is about a world inhabited by highly evolved animals that live in a civilized society similar to our world. The story is a buddy action-adventure comedy about a street smart fox named Nick Wilde teaming up with a rookie police bunny named Judy Hopps to solve a mystery. I’m very excited for this movie because it not only looks fun but also reminds me of the very cool comic book series “Blacksad”, which I highly recommend.

IMG_1315 IMG_1316

First off I’ll be looking at this set featuring Nick and his convertible. The set features an exclusive Nick in a different color scheme. The set also comes with a parking meter accessory, which at first seemed strange but maybe it is important to the plot of the movie. I like the inclusion of the accessory because I feel it feeds into the essence of this toy line: world building.

IMG_1317 IMG_1318 IMG_1325

This action figure line reminds me of Imaginext or similar toy lines that are like action figure starter kits for younger kids. Those lines are about building a little world for kids to create and expand upon. “Zootopia” seems perfect for that type of play, in fact I found these figures in the aisle for Imaginext and similar types of figures at Target.

IMG_1326 IMG_1327 IMG_1328 IMG_1330 IMG_1329


These figures are better quality than those for younger kids. They have great paint apps and details. I really like this sculpt of Nick and love how on-model he is. Probably my favorite detail of this set is the fact that the car even has a little parking ticket on the windshield.

IMG_1324 IMG_1323


Next I’ll be taking a quick look of the Target exclusive set of “Zootopia” figures that features 14 characters from the basic line. Full disclosure only 6 of these figures are fully articulated, another 2 have limited articulation, the remaining 6 are small unarticulated figurines that are actually pack-ins with the basic figure line. Featured below are the 6 fully articulated figures:

IMG_1332 IMG_1334

Judy Hopps –

IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1349

Nick Wilde –

IMG_1362 IMG_1363 IMG_1364

Officer Clawhauser –

IMG_1338 IMG_1339 IMG_1340

Officer McHorn –

IMG_1357 IMG_1358 IMG_1359

Mayor Lionheart –

IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1355

Kevin –

IMG_1342 IMG_1343 IMG_1344

These next two figures have limited articulation:

Finnick  (head & tail articulation) –

IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1367

Assistant Mayor Bellwether –

IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1352

These little guys are the pack-ins:


Overall I really like this line. It is not a line for collectors and is definitely more kid-friendly, even possibly aimed at the younger spectrum. Still I’m impressed by the quality which at worst are like higher end versions of Disney Store exclusive figures, which is still very nice. I’d recommend these to Disney fans and Imaginext collectors alike. “Zootopia” hits theaters March 4th!


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