NYCC 2011 – DC Direct Interview
October 30, 2011

While I was at NYCC, I spent some time at the DC Direct booth asking questions about their upcoming product.  Here is my brief interview with them.

1. What is new at today’s show?

a) Hawkman: JLA figure.
b) Hawkgirl II: Ami-Comi statue.
c) Joker: Batman Black and White statue.
d) Joker: Arkham City figure.
e) Green Lantern Animated inspired statues: Green Lantern – Hal Jordan, Red Lantern – Atrocitus, Blue Lantern – Saint Walker.

2. The new Arkham City wave has only 3 figures.  Will this be the future of DC Direct, 3 figure waves?

No.  Mr. Freeze was planned for that wave and then moved out.

3. What about the new JLA line?

The new JLA line will be different.  We will be offering them one or two figures at a time.

4. With the emphasis on the new DC Universe, will you be revisiting the old DCU?  Some lines seem to need a few additional figures, like a Brightest Day wave 4 with Swamp Thing.

Not as part of Brightest Day, but Swamp Thing is in the new DCU, so new product is possible.

5. Back to the JLA line.  Do you hope to do the entire team?  Last time we missed it by one character, Red Tornado.

Yeah, we are disappointed about that too.

6. When I asked people on AFi what they most wanted to see, the only common thread was Element Woman.

I think it is a safe bet you will see her.

7. Are we still going to get Green Lantern waves 4 and 5?  When will we see the Sinestro figure?

Yes, they are definitely coming.  Sinestro – I forgot that had not been seen yet.

8.  What about the Young Justice set of titles, Teen Titans, Static Shock, Blue Beetle?

Right now, we are focusing on the members of the JLA for the JLA line.  So not right now.  You might want to ask Mattel about these.

9.  What about Cyborg for the JLA line?  Does his recent inclusion in both Flash Point and the DCU Online lines mean he will be held off for a while?

Actually, the figure of Cyborg was supposed to be here.  The DCU Online line has been dropped to make room for the JLA line.

Finally, I gave them my AFi business card with the following written on the back: “Element Woman.  Rocket Red.  Static.”

For my full gallery of DC Direct and other pictures from NYCC 2011, head on over to the NYCC 2011 Gallery.

My thanks to Jim Fletcher and Kevin Kiniry for taking the time to talk to me at NYCC.

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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  • demoncat says:

    nice that they are considering some new swamp thing product now that he is back. though kind of sad they replaced the dcu online with a new justice line. though hopefuly it does not end before the team gets finished.

  • Strangeplanet says:

    “The DCU Online line has been dropped to make room for the JLA line.”

    Aww crap.
    Those DCU Online figs looked to be really good. They could have turned out nice.

    Still, good to hear a Swamp Thing is in the works. The Mattel ones was a huge disappointment, and DC Direct should have learned a thing or two since their last one in… 1998?

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