NYCC Marvel Games – Part 2.
October 12, 2013

Marvel Lego Super Heroes

  • Over 100 playable characters, Aunt May included.
  • Open world New York, game play visits other regions like Asgard.
  • Galactus on an elephant.
  • Oct 15 free demo on
  • Full game on Oct 22.

Spiderman – Amazing Spiderman 2.

  • Sequel of Amazing Spiderman 1 game.
  • Unique story, not same as movie.
  • New characters introduced that were not in game 1.
  • More abilities, more upgrades.

Q and A.

  • Marvel Avengers Alliance – PVP systeme seems to be changing constantly, Why?  –  As new elements are added, older characters are adjusted up or down for game balance.  Also there are complaints from players about constantly facing same teams, so the developers are trying to make it more complex in terms of which characters are chosen.
  • MAA – Can we get a live version of PVP, real time against other players?   – Very difficult, so no.
  • Are there plans for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? – No plans, if looking for that type of game play, they recommend Marvel Heroes.  The Marvel Heroes engine was written by the same guy who wrote MUA.  You can download from
  • They are just as dedicated to handheld devices as they are to console devices.
  • Can we get a Marvel vs DC game? – Write your congressman.  Seriously, not now.

I also caught up with a few guys from Marvel Avenger Alliance on the way out.  A group of players collected and we talked for a few minutes.

  • Me: missing obvious heroes.  They know there are certain heroes which feel obviously missing.  They have plans for them.  Look at the heroes currently in the game and you will see what I mean.  Certain long time Avengers and X-Men are still missing.
  • They will keep adding heroes as long as people keep playing.
  • The iPhone version and the Facebook version cannot be synched up.  The code for the two platforms is just too different.  Almost the only thing reused is the artwork.
  • Me: Captain America 2 – Winter Soldier might be a good time to get Winter Soldier / Falcon into the game.  No comment other than, we have done Special Ops related to other movies.
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