NYCC – Minimates 10th Anniversary
July 29, 2013

When I was at NYCC 2012, one of the most impressive things was the Minimates 10th Anniversary.

Mini Mates - Marvel Comics

Mini Mates – Marvel Comics

For those who do not know, Minimates are licensed figures the right scale to go with all your Lego buildings, ships, and play sets.  You see, until recently, Lego did not make licensed figures.  Minimates, distributed most of the time via Diamond Select Toys, produced in conjunction with Art Asylum, filled this void for many.While the line seems to mainly focus on Marvel Universe characters, over time, the line has covered what feels like an insane amount of licenses.  Some get a wave or two.  Some get a whole bunch of releases.  The truly amazing thing is how they are able to make pieces from so many different licenses and make them all look good.

Another impressive aspect of the line is its longevity.  10 years is a long time for almost any toy line.  Sure a license helps, but there must be appeal of the style beyond the license to keep buyers coming back in enough quantity to keep sales up so new product can be developed.

For me, the 10th anniversary extravaganza began with walking into their own room and meeting Zach Oat, the Marketing guy.  Zach jumped up and walked me around the exhibits mixing a bit of history in while showing both the older and latest additions to the line.  After we talked a bit, he invited me to come back for the evening meet and greet of  Minimates people and people who interact with them.  At the after party, I met two people from Marvel entertainment who are tied to the Avengers Alliance game on Facebook.  Tune in next time for how this made my trip to NYCC a full circle.

Erik Skov

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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