#NYCC PinBox 3000 Customizable Cardboard Pinball Machines
October 8, 2016

NYCC Coverage Brought to you in part by Miracle Mile Toys & Games


While at New York Comic Con I was able to demo the very fun and inventive PinBox 3000, a really fun way to create and build your own mini-pinball machine out of cardboard. This is a really cool product, if you feel the same way feel free to donate to their Kickstarter here: http://kck.st/2cqwFgE

Here’s some more info:

The Cardboard Teck Instantute has created a new platform for people to make playable kinetic art, with the PinBox 3000.
The excitement of pinball arrives to your tabletop, with a do-it-yourself maker spirit where users can design and craft their own game, or play one of our own designed games in our Gamechanger series. Made in the USA with recyclable materials. Download our free templates to trace & cut custom ramps and obstacles out of cereal boxes, or print out our free 3D printable mechanisms. Add Arduino for lights, sound & scoring! The simplexity is up to you!
 NYCC coverage sponsored in part by:
           Miracle Mile Toys & Games
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