NYCC Toy Hunter Show panel
October 12, 2013

This season on Toy Hunter (aired by the Travel Channel), expect bigger, more pop culture.  They were contacted by Gene Simmons to find Kiss memorabilia.  Clip was shown w/Gene Simmons.

Popularity of show is growing.  About connecting with people, how they see the world.

They went to Puerto Rico and had the wrong stuff.  They were looking for a different type of toys.  Jordan Hembrough ended up selling Turkish “War Stars” toys.  The people were great.

One issue is that there is no guarantee of a “Wow” moment in each story.

More international locations this year.  More celebrities.  Can you say Star Wars and Star Trek?  Kirk of Metallica is an upcoming guest.

Q and A

  • How do you keep product good when cardboard decomposes? – They like plastic totes from Rubbermaid.
  • What is the most obscure toy you have found? – A bootleg Evil Kenvil.  It looked great, but he figure was Latino.
  • What is the most expensive ? – Prototypes, one of a kind items.  Bought an item for 17K and sold it for 60K.  It is now in a musem.
  • An attendee suggested a new segment for the show revolving around finding that toy someone had but lost long ago.  The show people seemed to like the idea.
  • How did they pitch the show? – They did not.  Jordan Hembrough got an email from an acquaintance asking if he still collected toys, call this woman.
  • What toys did you start with? – Star Wars.
  • Toy lines for kids often seem to be attached to movies that are not for kids.  Why? – Toys are made in advance, usually they are too far along to change.  For the toy line that went with Jango Unchained recently, the toy company actually pulled the toys and ate the expence.
  • How long do you film at someone’s house? – They typically film 10 hours, which might get edited down to 4.
  • What was the most heartbreaking thing you’ve seen? – A toy collection destroyed by a fire.
  • What did you never get as a kid that you had to get? – Bulletman from GI Joe.
  • How long have you been doing this? – Over 25 years.
  • What are you looking for right now? – Everything.  Well, for example, Mego toys.  But it changes.  Toys from the 50s and 60s were big.  Now its the 70s and 80s.

They give away toys every year to charities.

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