Official Mattel Update: Final Count for 2014 Subscriptions and Ecto-1 Pre-Order
August 20, 2013

Here’s the official update on the subs from Mattel posted just few minutes ago on


Toy Fans,

Who has the power? Masters of the Universe® fans, that’s who! The 2014 Club Eternia® subscription lives, and it’s all thanks to the fans out there who subbed up and blasted the meter past our goal for a truly electrifying finish!


Club Eternia

The fight was hard won, but you guys did it! In fact, since the final tally blew right past our goal we can start to think about adding a few non-sub items as well. But please be patient. Once we know what we’ll be able to offer, the earliest that we’re likely to announce anything will be at next year’s New York Toy Fair in February 2014. For now, the important thing is that the MOTUC subscription will go on, and we’ll have another amazing year packed with figures and accessories that fans have been waiting for!

Club Infinite Earths & Ecto-1 Pre-Order

Every super hero knows you can’t win ‘em all and we’re sorry to say we did not reach our goal for the DCU 2014 Club Infinite Earths subscription. We also did not reach our goal for the Ecto-1 pre-order. We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all the fans for waging such a good, strong fight. It will take us a while to figure out where we can go from here. It may be possible to release a few DCU figures quarterly, or to release 12 figures at higher non-subscription prices. Or, we may have to say a final goodbye to this line at the end of this year. Without the sub, we just don’t know what’s possible at this point. Over the next few months we’ll be meeting internally and with all of our partners at Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Sony, and we’ll let you know as soon as we can what our options are.

A special note to all the fans: We know that some of you had to make a difficult choice about which subscription you could sign up for. Since we now know that the 2014 MOTUC sub is moving forward, we plan to reopen the Club Eternia® subscription for a short time soon to give anyone who wants another chance to subscribe.

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  • Ron says:

    So if the DC 2014 sub is NOT going forward (and I for one am sad to see it end), when does Mattel/Digital River REFUND everyone’s subscription payments? That important issue was not mentioned in their statement.

  • ltpika says:

    The bottom line is people had a year of DCIE and didn’t feel it was a good service and therefore did not resubscribe.

  • Scott Sheldon says:

    I’m sure it’s not over with. Mattel wants to make money, obviously. They will give a counter offer soon.

  • Alex says:

    Boo. I’m pretty sad. Especially when it looks like Matty was finally coming through with figures I really wanted. I’ve tried to be positive, and support the line, but now that the subscription has failed to meet it’s goal and will not go forward, I have to say that I think falling short of fan expectations and the faith we put in the club subscription are at least partially responsible for why there was not enough buy in for 2014. MOTUC has delivered it’s fair share of “Who Cares” characters for my money, but the quality and sculpts have been consistent. With Club Infinite Earths, and I am a huge DC Fan, I had to pay for a lot of characters I didn’t care a lick about, and ones I did care about were on occasion let downs. Case in Point, Uncle Sam? Never needed to see that. Atrocitus . . .too small. Rocket Red . . . way too big. Red Hood, sweet, only not so much with he version we got. Even the dome head was too small to fit over a proportionally sized head. The rule should always be, if you are going to do something, do it right. If you can’t do it right, then wait until you can. But Damn you Matty, I want that Ice, Aquaman and Damian Wayne! As much as I’ve wanted that version of Superboy and I still do, I wish the head sculpt was better. So my dreams of completing my Four Hoursemen sculpted JLA lineups is shattered. I’m kind of gutted in an insignificant way.

  • Alex says:

    By the way, Matty, with all the fan polls that were done in the past on DCUC most wanteds, there should have been ample indication of what fans wanted, and what was going to piss us off. I’m sorry, but I really loved this line,and am going to have trouble letting go.

  • tony says:

    Hi there Mattel,
    You always stated that you listen to your fans, so if I have an idea that could save the line would you be willing to
    give it a try? Re-open the sub. This time around thou let your customers know the 12 figures names. If that does
    not work then is on us. Now all my friends I started this. Who is with meeeeeee?

    • Alex says:

      I’d agree with you, Tony. I’ve had numerous ideas on how to make the club stronger, naming the figures requires an immense amount of planning, and there is always the danger that the commitment could not be met for certain figures, but revealing more of their plans would at least let the fans know what to expect when they lay down their money. Also, I think voting should be a major part of a fan focused online exclusive subscription line.

  • Inzo says:

    I hope Mattel goes down hill after this mess they created… The collectors have sent a very clear message that: “We are not going to fall for Mattel’s garbage again!!!”
    You can keep your He-Man line…
    I don’t even know anyone likes it…

    The first and last time I’ll pre-order from them…

    I hope NECA takes over the license…

  • Inzo says:

    By the way Mattel; you ask, “Who had the power???”

    The answer is; “We do… The consumers who have a choice on we’re we are going to spend our hard earned cash on a reliable company…

  • Love this line. It’s hard to say bye. U really wanted ice, Superboy, doomsday and Robin. I hope we are still able to get them some how

  • Dr Kain says:

    Nah guys, it doesn’t matter what we say. Mattel stopped caring about the line a year ago and have just been trying to sabotage it every way possible to ensure it ends. From rebranding the line into All-Stars, only to cancel that before the line even hits store shelves, to rebranding it a second time into the Unlimited lines that should have just been called DC Limited to Batman, to not answering questions on their boards, cutting back on accessories, and then clogging shelves with crappy looking game figures and a Miniseid, they just wanted it to end. And then for the sub, they showed off 3 figures and a very confusing tier system, didn’t really do anything to sell the sub at SDCC, not even advertise it in comics and stuff, they wanted it to end. Now they can place the blame all over the collectors, saying they made their choice in not supporting the line.

    OH, and let us not forgot that worthlessness of Digital River.

  • John says:

    I can’t speak for everyone, but personally the past subscriptions have only yielded one maybe 2 figures a year that I would want. That’s a lot of figures I am being asked to resale on eBay. Call me crazy but buying a product shouldn’t be a chore for the consumer.

  • Lee in MI says:

    I disagree. If Mattel announced which figures they planned on making, DC fans would just bitch & moan about the ones that weren’t included. That’s to say nothing about the crap storm that would ensue if the line up changed by even one slot.

    Additionally, the MOTU sub doesn’t reveal all the figures but it still went through.

    • tool486 says:

      I disagree and if you permit, I’ll explain…
      MOTU did list the majority of the figures. So everyone knows what they’re paying for except for a few surprises (good or bad).

      DCU revealed a handful of figures. You know what you were going to pay for (at best) 1/4 of the line. So what happens to other figures? Which ones? I personally am not a big DC fan however if I knew what was coming, I’d be more invested in plopping down my money rather than hoping (as described in the other comments above) character xyz is made.

      The good news is those who were interested in those previously announced characters can now get them (maybe not Batzarro though).

  • Glynne says:

    I wonder what would have happened if the sales team tried to get the comic shops to order, go through Diamond Dist. Those are the stores that should and would probably order them, instead of the “new 52″stuff that Dc collectables is also doing.

  • Wren says:

    I was and am a big fan of this line. I’m more than sorry to see it end. I only hope that Mattel finds a way to get fans who truly want the figures they’ve announced (Ice, Aquaman, Superboy, Doomsday and Damin Wayne) because I want them hard (In the order I listed them). Undoubtedly the demise of the club is partially due tot he selection of figures that was produced for the 2013 sub. I will say there were a decent number of figures I was very happy to have, but a near equal number of figures that I think were poor choices or should have been spread out over a greater span of time. There were two many uses of the suite buck which is generally used on a less than A list character. The dual demise of the retail line is just heart-breaking. Thank God for DC Direct, so there is at least a source fo great sculpts even if the articulation and durability is somewhat lacking.

  • Wren says:

    uh, “too” many uses of the “suit” buck, not that anyone cares.

  • Scott Thompson says:

    I’ve posted before that a Batman / Superman themed line would sell, with the upcoming movie tie-ins – those are the popular characters, with the popular classic villains, many of which have never been done (in some cases by anyone, including DC Direct)…Firefly, Hugo Strange, Ventiloquist/Scarface, Harvey Bullock, Clock King, the list goes on and on. I know that many of the followers of this page are not Bat-centric collectors, but that’s where the numbers are for something like this…not those dying for a 6″ Dr. Polaris.

  • DCfett says:

    Announcing the figures would have been a bit of a disaster. It would have sparked a great debate, but maybe a little ignition is what this whole damn thing needed anyway! The fans surely needed SOME type of input into “their” collector line. I think MOTU is reasonably in a good position to accurately guess what they were/are getting. DC fans have to live with Mattel picking based on whatever they could come up with without taking any risk and making an investment themselves. That’s no way to promote a “buy in” club. Especially when you’re gonna drop duds like Batzarro, RR, and Red Hood. With 12 figures in a wave, 2 figures that a person doesnt want is like 16.6% junk! No one really wants to throw that kind of money away in this day and age. Yes, announcing would have added fuel to the fire, but they have all but done that with MOTU. DCU needs/ed some type of faith to hold on to, but Mattel was unwilling to offer that. Instead they stuck to their official sounding “FINALCHARACTHERAPPROVAL” or whatever. Who came up with that policy, the guy who green lighted JLU Hal Jordan I’m sure! O_0
    All said and done, this sub never lived up to what he and Fan Girl ever said it would be. No accessories, no real fan choice, no real means for fans to be engaged. This result is sarcastically SHOCKING! :-\ Hell, they wouldnt even give us Nekron’s staff! Let alone a containment suit DD! BUT, Motu will get any and all accessories for their collection packed in with figures that arent even related to the accessory. Two way different sets of standards for some unexplained reason. It’s no wonder folks just held on to their cash.
    I’m sorry not to get Vixen, DKR Superman, Granny, Doomsday Unleashed, KIller Croc, Detective Batman WITH DOUBLE JOINTED KNEES (F’ING NO BRAINER THEIR! HOW DID THAT NEVER ENTER THE RETAIL MIX???????????!!!!!!) ARGH! So many dumb mistakes in this line!
    Sorry for the rant.

  • janmugar prime says:

    So, as it was forseen…..Those Matty execs pulled the trigger for DCUC one final time…What a shame.

    Ok, when will the DC license reverts to Hasbro, uh? Mind my words, The license will be put in the discussion table before the World’s Finest movie. WB is makin the push so hard to meet competition with MARVEL & DISNEY.

    Maybe DC Licensing at retail will go for a brief hiatus (collectible items that is, not kid fodder like the MOS or any other kid oriented line).

    Who knows, if the license go to NECA (Whom is already doing some DC Masterpieces that is, at specialty markets), DCCollectibles figures will have a bigger push and maybe open the market for a retail release of the NECA brand…

    Then again, it’s doubtful that HASBRO could aquire de DC master license FOR OBVIOUS reasons, sooo….The only fact is that MATTEL screwed up the DC master license AFTER SO MANY YEARS OF DELIVERYING EXCELLENT ACTION FIGURES THAT CAME FROM EVERY CORNER IN THE DC UNIVERSE. But missed the final and most important lap in the race.

    Rest in peace DCUC, you will be missed…I wonder how many Black Lanterns will raise from these day. Maybe NONE.

  • Habib3000 says:

    Please excuse the double post.

    There has got to be a way where, out of a list of 20 character selections and one of the selections is actually a write-in entry, subscribers can choose the three characters that they would most like to see made during the subscription year. Then, when it is all said and done, the six (or however many) most selected characters chosen by subscribers would be made.

    Assuming that Mattel’s subscription plans already align with fan demand, subscribers would naturally choose the figures that are already in the works (e.g. Damian Wayne Robin, Hook Hand Aquaman, etc.). In addition, the write-in entry (e.g. Vixen, Granny Goodness, etc.), which would unlikely garner enough votes to reach top six, would provide valuable input that Mattel could use to plan next year’s subscription characters.

    I know that what I am proposing is effectually a placebo to help Mattel stimulate subscription sales, but it might actually work in favor of the fans. Thoughts?

  • Wren says:

    Here’s an idea, which I’m sure will have many pitfalls for an organization like Mattel where business models are not quite as flexible as other smaller companies: Offer monthly pre-orders for figures x months ahead of time (however much time they need to develop) with no day of sales. Each offering would need to meet the required goal in order to be produced. They already tried this with Young Justice Superboy and Miss Martian which failed to meet goal, but a precedent has been set. In this way, fan voices will be heard because only figures that have demand will be made. They can incorporate fan voting into the process so they have a gauge of what the demand is even before they make the offer, so they don’t have to enter development blind. Turnaround time on concept to final product seems to be in the 18 month range, so going in blind is impractical. And offer a wholesale discount so retailers will have incentive to get in on the offer which will expand the market to those individuals who don’t want to pre-order/pre-pay so far in advance.
    So many offerings are put through Diamond Comic Distributors on a pre-order basis and consumers buy from retailers when the product is available. Mattel product can then make use of on-line retailer warehouse space.
    Let’s face the fact that the commitment to a subscription service where the individual consumer is asked to buy items blindly is impractical. Look at Matty’s website. No product hangs around. They don’t have the warehousing to be an online retailer, so they sell off overstock that ends up in the hands of discount retailers. If Mattel takes a loss on this I can’t say, but the point is they end up selling their wares as all items sell out on the site.
    If only 20% of your total potential consumer base wants an item, then why require 100% of your confirmed base to purchase it? Let the market decide what it wants. You may not have enough people who want Ice, for example, who are willing to commit to 11 additional figures, but I can all but guarantee that you have enough people who want Ice to produce her and make a profit. Those same consumers may not want Hook Hand Aquaman, but again, enough people likely will want that offering so that it would be successful. If you offered up a proper Jason Todd Red Hood, your pre-sales would undoubtedly support the proper version and not a “this-is-what-the budget-will-allow” version that severely alienated your subscribers and damaged the viability of the line Let survival of the fittest be the approach. Does anyone honestly believe that if they did a one off pre-order on Doomsday Unleashed, that they would not meet goal? Let’s find out, Mattel. I would buy five Ice’s at $20 a pop to get that figure made, but if you came at me with that recent version of Red Hood, I might have to take a hard pass.

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