Official Young Justice Top 10 Most Wanted Poll
March 24, 2012

That’s right, its time once again to let Mattel know what the community wants for their current DC line.

This time we are talking YOUNG JUSTICE. Mattel has been doing a pretty good job with character selection, giving us a good variety between Young Justice team members, Justice League members, villains, and repaints. But we all know they could do better. The only way for that to happen is to gather the collective wants of the collecting community and let Mattel know who we really want.

Young Justice Top 10 Poll
Tell us your most wanted characters to see in the Mattel Young Justice Line.

1. List them in any order. Order does not matter.
2. Vote only once.
3. If you change your mind, use the EDIT button to change your post.
4. Be specific if you are listing a special version of a character you want.

So call your buds and vote below. Let’s find out what the Most Fan Demanded Top Ten are and let Mattel know!

A sample vote:

1 – Superboy
2 – Arctic Gear Robin
3 – Kid Flash
4 – Artemis
5 – Batman
6 – Miss Martian
7 – Aqualad
8 – Speedy
9 – Superman
10 – Vandal Savage

Reminder, the order of your list does not matter.  And there have been lots of guest stars worthy of figures in this line.

Place your votes in our forum here: Voting Thread

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  • Nett3000 says:

    In 6-inch scale:
    1. Cheshire
    2. Zatanna as Fate
    3. Zatanna
    4. Miss Martian
    5. Captain Marvel Jr.
    6. Tuppence Terror
    7. Tommy Terror
    8. Harm
    9. Zatara
    10. Vykin

  • MrXboxdude101 says:

    in 6 inch scale
    1. Nightwing
    2. Robin(season 2)
    4.Martian Manhunter ( Martian form)
    5.Blue beetle
    6. Beast Boy( Variants): Bear, Leopard, Bird
    7. Captain Marvel (Including Billy Batson as an accessory)
    8. Ra’s Al Ghul
    10. Kid Flash( Stealth Attire)

  • GS test demo says:

    Action Figure Insider – Men of Action Official Young Justice Top 10 Most Wanted Poll

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