On A Serious Note
April 22, 2008

My daughter-in-law, Shannon, ships out a week from today for her second tour of duty in Iraq.  She will be gone for 15 months.  She is a medic with the 101st out of Fort Campbell in Kentucky and I cannot express my pride and respect that I have for her.  While she is in harm’s way my son, Nathan, will be home with their three children – my grandchildren.  Dillion is 10, Leah is 7 and Molly is 6. 

I think about them; worry about them; pray for them (and I’m not a religious person) several times a day.  One of the most difficult things a parent can do is to support your children in the life decisions they make. If it were my place to choose, Shannon would not be in the Army, but that is her choice and she is an outstanding soldier who is committed to the Army and intends to make a career of it.  Nathan, who was in the Army, got out and is the stay-at-home Dad.  Being a military family is a tough life.  I know, I grew up that way.  But, it is what they have decided to do and I respect and support their decision.

Of course I am very worried about this deployment.  Despite the fact that the media in our country have significantly reduced the amount of news about the war there, I assure you it is not a safe place.  If not for the US presence there the country would slip into anarchy almost overnight.  The politicians that got us into this war have no idea how to get us out of it.  Whomever wins the November election will have to deal with the war.  I’m not going to get on my soapbox here.  I just want to see Shannon come home safe and sound next summer when her tour ends.

 And, if you are the praying type, I would ask that you remember her in your prayers.  She’s going to need all the help she can get.

Glenn Moss
Born in 1952 (you do the math), making me one of the proverbial "old farts" involved in toys, comic books, and other juvenile activities that everyone said I should have outgrown decades ago. Fortunately, my wife of 36 years is an understanding soul. A firm believer in the philosophy of Groucho Marx, George Carlin, Robin Williams and Chris Rock. Am now indoctrinating my grandchildren to carry on so that when I finally fade away there will be another generation of odd neighbors who seemed nice and kept to themselves.
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  • robiwan says:

    I’ve got her back with the Big Guy, Glenn!

    I also agree with you about the election. Regardless of one’s political or religious persuasion, whoever wins in November has a difficult job on many fronts and will need support and wise input; be it human or supernatural.

    Hoping and praying for a day when war ends and love rules,


  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    Here’s wishing for her (and all our other soldier’s) safe return.

  • manthing says:

    My brother is due to ship out for his 2nd tour in Iraq at the beginning of ’09.

    He’s a artillery guy, so his assignment next time is unknown.

    Last time he had a ‘easy/sweetheart’ assignment on his last tour. As ‘easy’ as being thousands of miles away in a unsafe place can be.

    Iraq is a place that will never come to an agreeable situation, for all stakeholders.

  • ChipCataldo Chip Cataldo says:

    Here’s to a safe return home for her, Glenn. My thoughts and prayers are with her, you and her family.



  • The Superfly says:

    Wow Glenn. That is a tough choice for Shannon and her family to deal with. Many prayers will be out there for Shannon, Nathan, Dillon, Leah, and Molly. And please keep us posted!

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