ONE:12 Collective The Dark Knight Returns Previews Exclusive Review + Unboxing Video!
May 1, 2015


Today I will be looking at what will be seen as the action figure breakthrough of the year. Mezco has gone above and beyond in creating a new line of what will now be essential to the action figure realm. The broad strokes concept of the ONE:12 Collective is taking what works for high-end Sixth Scale figures and bring it to a smaller scale. So, before I even get into the figure review, I’ll just say point blank that Mezco has nailed it. If they maintain this quality or better going forward they will cement themselves on the forefront of an as of yet not very competitive market, probably  forever.


Now to  the matter at hand, reviewing what is ultimately unreviewable, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am a little late to the game, while I have been coveting this figure of almost a year I just pulled the trigger on buying it making me a month or more late to the table in reviewing it. Secondly, to review such perfection is like a modern day art critic taking a stab at the Sistine Chapel, what’s the point? Is this figure truly comparable to Michelangelo’s greatest masterpiece? Yes. Hell to the yes.


Words can’t describe what this is. I’m  faltering with every sentence. At this point in the review you must think either I’m high or being sarcastic. I’m not. I love this thing, I think it’s truly amazing, a work of art and hopefully the future of action figures in this scale. Not that Mattel or Hasbro will try to compete but other companies will take note and we’ll be seeing  a trend that will fill our  hearts as much as it empties our wallets.


I’ll  take a break from the realm of hyperbole to highlight the figure’s attributes. In the accessories department you are given too much. The display options are seemingly endless and almost anxiety inducing: 2 heads, multiple hands, and a few Batman accoutrements. I was very excited for the Sniper Rifle in particular.


It’s a moment in the comic that has always stuck  with me and I’m happy to have it in action figure form, done right. While I’m bummed that the Previews Exclusive doesn’t come with the Revolver and Boot Holster, I’m very content with the Sniper Rifle and thrilled with its inclusion.


I have no idea how to display this thing, part of me wants to keep it in the box as I feel unworthy of displaying it with my collection. It deserves its own pedestal not shelf space. I really love the Grappling Hook as well, but feel your display options are limited since it isn’t really functional (nor should it be).

20150501_040519 20150501_040721

I can’t even begin to tell you  how much I love the hands with the Batarangs between the fingers. Such a clever design and awesome choice for hand option. So much so that I wish Batman was a character with 6 arms so that he can be displayed with all of the options Mezco has generously given us.

20150501_035440 20150501_035844

When I first opened this figure  I was watching Michael Keaton on Letterman so I took this shot of Keaton eyeballing this beautiful figure:


Here’s another gratuitous shot,  this one is of  Batman fighting the Hulk. Batman wins of course:



I think I’ve said all that can be said about  this figure. I highly recommend it to anybody and everybody that has ever loved action figures in any scale. This guy is worth adding to your collection as it will greatly enhance the value and quality of what you collect. Stick around to the bottom of this article for an unboxing of the figure if you are so inclined. Thanks for reading!


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