Well, here it is- the 100% redesigned and upgraded AFI! After planning, scheming, and pulling my hair out for nearly a year trying to make it work, Action Figure Insider is finally very close to how Daniel "Julius Marx" Pickett and I first planned it to be way back in April 2005. Lots has changed since then, including a new job and a move back to Texas for me. California was interesting, but I couldn’t be happier being back home in the Lone Star State.

In addition to the cosmetic and structural changes here at AFI, one other change is that at the longtime urging of Mr. Marx I’m finally casting off my denial at being fully involved in the website and am assuming a partnership role in running the joint. Originally I was just going to create a logo and set up a simple blog for Daniel when he was thinking about leaving Action Figure Times (since after leaving RTM I didn’t think I ever wanted to do the day to day work of running another webpage). But when they uncerimoniously locked him out of the site without notice, I decided to put together a full website for him. One thing led to another and I’ve found that like it or not, I was helping to run another toy site!

And if that’s the case, we might as well make it the best site we can. All of our old content has been consolidated, the news page will now be updated much more frequently (because it’s now easier to update!) and we have a bunch of brand new blogs from some great guys that are well known to the toy community. And lots of features and sneak peeks are on the way that we’ve been holding back…



PS There isn’t any relevance to the Captain Marvel sketch; I just liked how it turned out, so I’m sticking it here. And yes, I know the anatomy is pretty wonky. It’s just a doodle. 

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