So I got this book not too long ago as a gift: Boy’s Toys by Jed Novick. It’s a kind of odd book, wanting to be a primer of the popular toys of the 60s & 70s, with a bit of the 80s thrown in. What it comes off as, though, is one person’s memories of said toys…with maybe a quick trip to Wikipedia to fill in the gaps. No toy line gets more than a two-page spread (and these are tiny pages) so the information is very scattershot. Couple that to having BAD information and the fact that many of the pictures are of wrong items or out of date ones (example: a 1996 X-Wing supposedly being a 1978 one) I can’t recommend this book to pretty much anyone. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, etc., just take a look at this page to see a representative example of the whole book. Note: Marvel Legends figures aren’t mentioned once in the entire book. (Click on pic for bigger image).

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