And what have you done?

 Apologies to John Lennon, but this year I haven’t done anywhere near as much as I should have. Sure, I finally bought my first house and gained a couple of dogs (and a 40 mile commute! Yikes!) but I had planned on accomplishing a lot more.

A lot of things on the list are the old standbys that everyone always lists: lose weight, read more books, devote more time to your hobby, meet new friends, etc. But I also had a fairly ambitious list of goals for this very website, not the least of which is to blog at least once every single day. Considering just three days ago I told Julius Marx that I was going to blog every day for the next two weeks (during vacation) and I’m just now starting to do so says a lot.

So as of now, I’m throwing down the gauntlet publicly. We’ll see how well I do. One thing I am proud of is that we’ve brought on board the  invaluable Peter "Vader" Go who not only saved our bacon during our first real hack attack, but also has been working tirelessly to overhaul my half-assed setup of our server that left us vulnerable in the first place. The best part is that now we have the capability for some great new features and we’re working on AFI 3.0, incorporating all we’ve learned with new and better functionality for our readers and regulars. With any luck, we’ll be able to get it all online by Toy Fair 2008, which looks to have a fair amount of surprises this year.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without ol’ Julius Marx himself, Daniel Pickett. I’m a cranky guy, and I’ve had lots of partnerships that have just run their course or disintegrated due to differences of opinion on how things should progress. My tenure at AFI grew from what was supposed to be a brief consulting gig to a full fledged partnership, and I can’t remember a single day where Daniel and I weren’t on the same page. Daniel has to be the absolute nicest guy I’ve ever known, and 3 years on I still get excited when we make plans for the site. I’m pretty proud of what we’ve built here, and even more excited about the year to come.

Finally, I have to give mad props to our community that has stayed with us through hacker shutdowns, empty shelves, and Hal Jordan flame wars. You guys make it all worthwhile considering we still haven’t figured out a way to even recoup our costs for running this place! And even more important have been our motley AFI crew who also have kept this place a safe haven from the usual net madness: Ryan "Superfly" Prast, Mike "SDComics" Walker, Erik "Superfriend" Skov, Peter "Peter" Fries, Jeff "Alleycat" Cope, JJJason Chiveras, and Darren "Dare" Chia. You guys rock the house.

And now 2008 looms large. Will we see a renewed JLU line? Can the Horsemen fully revive Super Powers in DCUC form? Will I finally lose some weight?!? Stay tuned…

Happy Holidays, each and every one of you! More to come!  

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