They pull me back in!

Over the years I’ve "quit" collecting toys many, many times. But this past year I really thought that i was done for good. I had stopped picking up most current lines, I moved into my own house, and had about 75 boxes of toys that had been in storage for years until the mythical day that I owned a house. But now that i actually owned a house I found that I didn’t really want to display any toys at all in it!

After a few months, though, I did end up displaying a small assortment of representative figures from a choice selection of toylines: Marvel Legends, DC Superheroes, DCD New Frontier, JLU, Star Wars, and of course Super Powers. But it felt very finite that this was the collection, and everything else was destined to be stored or sold.

Hasbro made it really easy to quit Marvel Legends, but oddly made it too hard to resist picking up my first Star Wars figures since 2002: the Ralph McQuarrie Concept line. And in 2008 they’ll pretty much kill my resolve by finally bringing out the line I’ve waited for for almost 30 years- a new Indiana Jones figure line! From all 4 movies! And Mattel is doing its part by making sure I can’t pass up the DC Universe Classics line, maybe for years to come.  

But a big part of me still wants to stop. So what do I do? Go cold turkey? I was able to stop collecting comics in 1992 thanks to my apartment flooding and wiping out my entire collection (near full sets of Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, and all their spin-offs). I somehow don’t think I’ll get so lucky with my toy collection, nor would I be quite so happy about it (the comics were insured at the height of their value, allowing me to buy a computer and a few more years of college). Luckily, I recently got my own office at work so if I choose I can display a few lines there. However, almost no one at work has toys so I also don’t want to go too overboard there. It does help a bit that I’m known as "the guy who used to design toys", although that really doesn’t help me get a date.

Hmmm. Maybe I should get rid of the toys after all!

But then what if they make figures to tie in with the upcoming Tintin films?  Man, I’m just screwed.


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