Ofttimes, I am amused by very simple things. And nothing is quite so amusing to me these days that the non-sequitur brilliance of Lolcats. For those who aren’t up on your internet memes, Lolcats are the labeling of random pictures of cats (or other critters) usually with an in-joke based on Lolcats itself.  It all started at icanhascheezburger.com, which has become a latter day YTMND. Easily one of the best time wasters you will find.

But nothing has quite stirred the ol’ Otter’s heart like the drama and heartbreak of the Saga of Lolrus.  

While not quite an otter (and actually was a seal), Lolrus was a fellow creature of the sea who just wanted a bucket, dammit. Was that too much to ask?

And now he’s gone. Rest in peace, sweet, sweet pinniped.  You will be missed. At least you shall forever live on, online.

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