I miss the 80s. Sure, it was a weird time, but it was also a really fun time. And pre-internet, the early days of cable TV held so many hidden riches, not the least of which was MTV actually airing music videos all day long. I’m not sure what kids today watch in the afternoon (Hannah Montana? Lazytown? Gravyland?) but back then I was fed a steady diet of Perry Mason, Leave it to Beaver, and Andy Griffith, thanks to America’s great nostalgia kick.

And the commercials! Infomercials hadn’t quite hit their stride, s advertisers for cheap crap had to cram a huge amount of information into a short promo. Case in point, this great offer highlighting future superstar has-been Alfonso Ribiero, who was popular strictly from having appeared in a 30 second Pepsi commercial aping Michael Jackson. So sit back and enjoy a pleasant remnant from my youth. It’s the safe way to break and pop!

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