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I have Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars on the brain lately, and while looking around the web stumbled upon this:

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Which appears to be a crazy French commercial for the tail-end of the Mattel Secret Wars line! Notice how it shows the Euro only figures of Iceman and Electro. And highlights Black Spider-Man (and some really bad 80s computer imagery!) Hey, what the hell is Wolverine driving?

I also found these wacky American commercials, too. Man, Secret Wars wasn’t that great of a toy line, but the vehicles were pretty cool. Too bad they were never actually in any comics!


YouTube Preview Image


And of course, who can forget this gem from our old Geek Week buddies Brian,  Sarah, Jack, Matt and…Thor?


YouTube Preview Image


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So, it’s been a tough week.

Comic Con itself was anything but a vacation; our rooms were filthy and had terrible internet connections (see pics below!) yet were certainly not cheap. It was tough to move around the con floor, even tougher to try and take clear shots of display cases with so many people around, and nearly impossible to hold a coversation with anyone. Thank God SDComics was there to get great shots fo the boths before the crowds were let in. And I am glad I got to reconnect with folks who I haven’t talked to in years like Jesse Falcon, Eddie Wires, and the Four Horsemen. 

Filthy Rooms! It looks like someone was murdered in here!

Look at these crowds!

Got back from the long, long slog that is Comic Con (lots more on that to come) and have been working to get all the pics labeled (almost done) and do write-ups and the happenings there.  Unfortunately being gone from the office for over a week left me with a huge pileup of projects, and I’ve been pulling 14+ hour days to catch up.  So I’m just beat. Add to that my air conditioning briefly going out (it’s been around 100˚in Dallas) and you can see why the week wasn’t going well.

Then I found out that a good friend from high school was killed in a freak accident. Man. I hadn’t seen him that much in the last 10 years, but we reconnected at our 20 year class reunion a few months ago and have been emailing each other since. We had plans to meet up in the Fall when our schedules were lighter. I’ve unfortunately had a lot of friends die over the years, but this one is hitting me harder than most for some reason. Maybe it just has me feeling my age, I dunno. In any case,  it made it that much tougher to get through my work. Especially as I just had to much to do that I couldn’t hand off to go out of town for the funeral. I’ll miss you, Robb.

But it was my puppy that really put the capper on the week. You see, he learned a new trick (or at least, it’s new to me). He figured out how to jump up in my office chair. Which gives him access to my desktop. Where I had been playing with a few new aquisitions that I had yet to get around to putting in the display. He must have though he hit the jackpot, because he grabbedhis prize and ran with it. By the time I caught him, poor Firestorm had already borne the brunt of the damage.


So…anyone want a Firestorm with a battle damaged foot? And anyone know where I can find another classic Firestorm?

To be honest, though, this was a good week this to happen; I just had to laugh. Sometimes life puts this hobby of ours into the proper perspective, and you understand that they are just toys. And toys are made to be played with, even for a puppy.

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