OK,  every year I avoid making any New Year’s Resolutions as I know I’m going to break them sooner or later. It’s a farce designed to make you feel like you’re being productive but in actuality you’re just saying you’ll do something in the future based on a bogus deadline. Why not a "new week resolution"? Then your feet will really be held to the fire.

That said, I’m joining the herd with my all-new, all-different New Year’s Resolutions ’09! I’ll actually be posting my progress on this very blog (once a month?) so there is a bit of incentive to follow through with them.

  1. Lose Weight. The great American past time. When I started my first website I was 180 lbs (I’m 6’2"). When I started ToyOtter.com I was 320 lbs. When Daniel and I started AFI I was 240lbs. I’m now hovering in the 250s. I turn 40 this summer, so it’s way past time to get healthier.
  2. Get Off the Internet. I’ve been online since I was 22. By 1995 I was online easily 1/3 of the day, and now I’m online over half the day with work and hobby merging. I find myself not watching TV or movies, going out with friends, or accomplishing my many creative pursuits that I used to. For the 2009, I’m going to try to be online only at work, and only for work. I’ll update AFI during my lunch hour.
  3. Write More Articles/Blogs. Yeah, this seems at odds with my last resolution, but it really is about being more productive and do less aimless surfing. I have a lot of content, so of which was started 3 years ago! All will get finished this year.
  4. Give Away 90% of My Toys. By the time I hit 40, I want to have divested myself of all toys that I do not have on display. I only have a few lines displayed, so most of what I’ve picked up in the past 20 years has to go. I’ve become less interested in collecting as the years go by (but still love the toy industry) and realize that I do not need to own things to appreciate them, and I definitely do not need to keep anything that has not been displayed for years. I have a good idea of where they are going to go, so please do not ask nor suggest future homes for them. Thanks.

That’s it. If I’m lucky, I can accomplish them all. I figure I can do at least two of them, both with the deadline of this summer. We’ll see how it goes.

To stretch out the new content, I’m holding off on the 2009 predictions for a day or so.

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