Recently I needed to make a bunch of Trophies for a internal project at work, based upon two execs in my company. I sculpted some custom heads, but had no idea how to make that make copies, or what bodies to use for them.

With the help of the amazing SpyMagician (who cast all the heads I needed and sent them back within days) I ended up choosing Kilowog as a base body. He had no sculpted details, making him perfect for a "generic superhero body", but more importantly, nobody wanted this single carded monstrocity so I thought it would be easy to pick up the 20+ Kilowogs I needed.

Little did I realize, but the Targets near me only yielded one or two of the ‘Wog per store! I became increasingly desperate as I drove all over Dallas until I stumbled in the motherload at Parker & 75: there before me was greatness- easily 25 Kilowogs, shining from the pegs, untouched by human hands!

So, in the end, I did clear a few Targets of the bane of JLU collectors, and whittled down the "Kilowog Graveyard" quite a bit. With any luck,  those stores will restock sooner than later with all new JLU singles.

No need to thank me, just doing what any responsible citizen would in a time of crisis.


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