Man, Mattel really makes it hard to be a Mattel defender. 

I like a lot of what they try to do, but between concept and execution, something just goes missing. Do they need to hire an engineer? Or fire the one they have and hire a good one?  I’m really hoping that everything I’m hearing about wave 6 being the start of a new beginning is true.First, a bit of good news: although I have yet to see any of the Walmarts I frequent in Dallas carry DCUC, I did finally see an empty peg space today with tags for DCUC and DCIH! And there were A LOT of empty pegs in the toy section, leading me to believe that the new reset is right around the corner.

The bad news, though, is that even after searching abunch of Walmarts while on vacation in San Antonio and finding the four sets for me and other AFI guys, I still was a loser at DCUC Roulette. It doesn’t matter how nice these look in the package: when I opened them Black Lightning’s arm fell off (I didn’t even touch his arm, either!) and Amazo’s elbow peg wasn’t pushed through his arm, leaving it hanging at the elbow. And of course Metallo is fantastic…as long as you don’t move his legs. All the joints were fine, but the hip pegs won’t stay in the torso, much like the problems with Metamorpho back in wave 1.

Speaking of Amazo, he appears to be the smallest one in the assortment! I say appears as he uses the same body as Atom, I think. But visually he does look like the shortest one. I just can’t understand how 5 assortments in to this line, and there isn’t a single basic beffy body to use for these larger characters. This was the same short sighted thinking that led to Superman, Atom Smasher, Amazo etc. being tiny in JLU, but you’d think by now Mattel would have been past that particular learning curve and thought toward the future right off the bat. Ah well.  At least I found a set, which is better than most collectors.

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