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So we here at AFI were talking amongst ourselves the other day and the question was raised, "why do some blog comments show a user’s avatar, but others don’t?" And it was a very good question, indeed.

And of course our very own Vader had the answer: Gravatar

Yes, my friends, Gravatar. 

You go to their website, sign up for free with the email you use for forums, wordpress blogs, comments, what-have-you, and upload your favorite avatar. Those programs then do a search whenever you post and grab the avatar associated with that email. You can register multiple emails, too, and it’s all free!

Sweet, sweet Gravatar…will you marry me?

(Yes, I realize I’m just avoiding finishing my Star Wars post at this point).

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Ha! I bet you thought this blog would be about toys!

Well, it’s not. But these things tend to overlap with the same target audiences, so I thought it was neat enough to mention here. First, my apologies for not having my long awaited followup to last years Rejected Star Wars concepts up today. I’m really hoping it will be up tomorrow to wrap up our anniversary week, but my day job is just using up every spare moment of my time right now, nights and weekends included. And sleep time. And bath time. And time I haven’t used yet.

So, not complaining, just explaining why some site stuff is late. Daniel has really stepped up to make our anniversary as memorable as always (did’ja check out the Power Girl unveiling?!?) along with he great companies who contributed items to our little celebration. I’ve enjoyed my time here immensely, and still can’t believe I’m a part of this whole thing again, thanks to Daniel.

Anyway, what the title is referring to is this nifty Netflix account analyzer. As a movie buff, especially a classic film buff, Netflix has been invaluable in watching a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. But over the years I find that I’ve tended to go through periods of a lot of watching, balanced out by having those red envelopes sit unopened for weeks on end, only to be sent back unwatched. These days I’ve done far more of the latter, unfortunately. 

But how has the subscription been as a whole? Have I saved money over Blockbuster, or buying DVDs outright? Am I wasting that money each month I’m not watching my full amount? Well, now there’s an easy way to check it out! Just go here to the Netflix History Analyzer.  It turns out my investment has been well worth it (although I did cringe at seeing the total spent in the past 5 years!)And yes, I do still have the same three discs I was sent on Feb. 24th…


OK, that’s it. More coming tomorrow (if only more Bollywood goodness)!

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So it’s been 25 years since Marvel Comic’s Secret Wars Limited Series debuted.

For those who don’t know what that is, you really need to know only 3 things about it:
1) it was the first time a company put all of it’s major characters together in a company wide crossover that affected all storylines.
2) it was created because Mattel wanted a good "hook" to tie a toy line into, that used all the characters since Marvel had no current movies or TV shows on the air.
3) it really sucked.

Yeah, it was pretty bad. The art was rushed, the writing was abysmal, and the characters behaved very out of character. But, it did give us Spidey’s black costume (and therefore, also Venom) and a short-lived, yet beloved, toy line. And this year there have been tons of Secret Wars related articles, events, and merchandise. This is amazing because the series has pretty much been left alone since seeing publication back in 1984 (the less said about Secret Wars II, the better).

So what kind of things are out? Well, for starters, the new Secret Wars Omnibus is out, with an in-depth history of the toy line special feature by yours truly, with a photographic assist by our very own General Zod. Then you have the amazingly cool Hasbro Marvel Universe Secret Wars 2-Packs. So far we know that the first six are going to be  Spider-Man & Thunderball, Wolverine & Human Torch, Captain America & Claw, Black Costume Spider-Man/Magneto, Iron Man/Spider-Woman, Hulk/Cyclops. Supposedly all of them will be out by the end of 2009. The Captain America and Wolverine are resculpted from the main line, so we can only hope that the other repeats like Hulk will be similarily streamlined.


There are homages with smaller lines, too, such as the Monogram Miniature Alliance Secret Wars 2-Pack, and the new Minimates first ever Fan’s Choice poll.  And our very own Man of Action Chip Cataldo has been blogging about the crazy unseen SW bootlegs out of South America.As an added bonus, here’s a pic I recently found of my very first custom figures that I made back in 1990, which happened to be Secret Wars figure based (and a few Star Wars/ Indiana Jones efforts to extend the original line from 1985!) Note that I repainted Wolverine, but not shown are the black claws I painted silver. Oy.

And of course, we can’t forget our pals at the late, lamented Geek Week, who were ahead of the curve on this one:

YouTube Preview Image

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Ok, so I’m a wee bit behind on the blog. 


Lots of new stuff coming up this week for our 4th Anniversary, including a new story of never before seen by anyone Star Wars merchandise on Monday, and various features and goofy crap. Speaking of goofy crap, I was watching Slumdog Millionaire recently (didn’t care for it; the script had more coincidences and contrived moments than a George Lucas script) and it reminded me that I hadn’t posted a Bollywood video in awhile. So here is a little something to prime the ol’ blog pump, as it were,  and it should come as no surprise that it is once again a video highlighting my favorite Indian culture.

Near as I can tell, it’s a mash-up of She’s All That and Proud to be an American, with a dash of Ferris Bueller thrown in for good luck. So enjoy this fun, rap-filled rendition of "Pretty Woman":


YouTube Preview Image


Of course, it’s no "Jai Ho".


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