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So I’m going through some old AFi files while working on a new project for the site (more on that later) and I stumbled across our gallery of concepts that Toy Biz never got to make before getting out of the toy business. Of course, one concept in particular is painful every time I see it, and I know many other fans feel the same way:

It’s just a shame that this never got to see the light of day in all of its super poseable glory. Not that it really ever had much of a chance, even had Toy Biz kept producing toys. As Jesse Falcon explains in the video below, Disney holds the rights to this guy, and they wanted waaaaaay to much money to make a figure. Go listen to the man himself:

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Man. You know, since Marvel was recently sold, maybe the new buyer would give it a shot to see if Disney would work with them and maybe do some Rocketeer projects, maybe even some new comics. Now who was the new owner of Marvel again? Ohhhh yeah….DISNEY. With all the noise that has been made over the past couple of years about Marvel dancing around the Marvelman license, you would think that SOMEONE would be talking up the Rocketeer. Wouldn’t that be something, to fold the ol’ Rocketeer into the Marvel Universe. And maybe into the Hasbro deal as well. Maybe even give us one nice Cliff Secord figure in the 3 3/4" scale to fit right in alongside all those great 30s era Indiana Jones toys as well.

Still, looking over the slides of all that unproduced artwork, I did notice that we have recently been given two of those concepts at least: check out the Paul Komoda concept art next to these recent releases from Hasbro. Looks like someone in Rhode Island has been raiding the Toy Biz archives…

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So Hot Toys unveiled its new Indiana Jones figure at their 10th Anniversary showcase last week and it got me thinking: who would have thought 10 years ago that we would have so many Indiana Jones toys to choose from? Back then all you could find were the old Kenner figures and the extremely hard to find Toys McCoy versions. Now we have an embarrassment of riches, with figures and accessories in all scales, the ability to recreate Jones’ actual wardrobe, and more paraphernalia than you could crack a whip at.

But one piece of Indiana Jones lore has remained relatively hard to find: The Secret of the Incas!

What exactly *is* The Secret of the Incas, you ask? Well, while Raiders of the Lost Ark had many influences in its development, the one most often cited as the key film is this 1954 movie starring Charleton Heston as Harry Steele, a rogue Soldier of Fortune searching for a lost artifact that will bring him “fortune and glory”. While TheRaider.net can detail all the similarities far better than I can, suffice it to say that Steele dresses and acts more than a bit like our favorite archaeologist.

In recent years this lost gem has become easier to view with poor copies on youtube and ebay, but for some reason Paramount has kept it pretty well hidden from tv showings or any home video/dvd releases. So imagine my surprise to stumble across it ready for instant viewing on Netflix’s streaming service in pretty good quality! Now, is this a great film? No. Not even close. But it is fairly interesting, if only for two reasons: one, it introduced the world to the Peruvian Soprano, Yma Sumac (whose voice should be familiar to fans of the Big Lebowski), and it was surprisingly filmed almost entirely on location! If you’ve ever been interested in Cuzco, Peru or the fabled Machu Picchu ruins, you get to see them in lingering detail in this movie. And it sure feels a lot more exotic than the sets in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull…

So go check it out if you’ve got Netflix, because they shift what’s available in their Instant Viewing section frequently, so there’s no telling how long before this curiosity will be put back into its crate in that endless warehouse.




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So the other night, just before Thanksgiving, I decided to hit Walmart around midnight. It’s been many years since I made a late night toy run, for a variety of reasons. But mostly because I usually have much better things to do with my time than to make a special trip just to turn up empty-handed at the usual dearth of new toys on the North Texas shelves. But for some reason, I felt like this would be a good time to take a break from working and drive the 10 miles to the nearest Walmart. Plus, I needed a few groceries and things, so the trip wouldn’t be a total waste.

And lo and behold, they had new pallets of merchandise on the floor, waiting to be stocked. And right on top of the toy pallet in front was one box of DCUC Classics. And when the very nice stocker opened the box for me I found one complete set of DCUC Wave 14. Which is the first time I’ve found any of an exclusive Walmart wave in Dallas at all, let alone in the first week or so of shipping! FYI, the box had doubles of Zatanna, Alan Scott, and Hourman. And it was lucky for me, since I haven’t seen any of them since.

What was unlucky for me was that I didn’t realize until I got home that my Tyr was all jacked up. Of course, at first I was too busy being mad that my Obsidian had two right biceps, until I realized that he actually did have a left bicep, it was just bent so badly it looked like the wrong one. A little hot water and rubber bands holding it down fixed that one overnight. But Tyr is a different story: his chest piece thing is completely malformed. And by the time I figured it out (at first I thought they had changed it from the package images for some reason, since it looks like a new chest piece, not necessarily a deformed one)  I had thrown away the receipt and package. And have I mentioned that I’m kind of a big Super Powers fan, so this was a figure I’ve been looking forward to more than most? So my choices are to try and find a new one, switch packages and try to return the bad one, live with this one and forget about it, or just eat the cost, buy a new one, and go to my blog to rant about Mattel’s consistently crappy Quality Control.

Guess which one I’m choosing?

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