Kmart Online Community Offers Parents Weekly and Monthly Prizes, Perks and Advice from  Leading Parenting Bloggers Hoffman Estates, Ill. (May 25, 2011)—Planning the perfect play date is more than just child’s play, with issues ranging from coordinating with other parents and selecting the appropriate toys to adult and child etiquette. With the newly redesigned Kmart… Read More
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 The Hasbro Star Wars team has answered the latest round of  Star Wars questions submitted by AFi readers. This is the first SW Q&A for 2011.  Our last Q&A with the Star Wars team was November of last year.  Check the end of this post for how you can submit a question for the next… Read More
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Beginner Box Release Resurrects Pre-Painted Plastic Fantasy Miniatures May 25, 2011 (REDMOND, Wash.) – Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games announce a new partnership whereby WizKids Games will produce a special set of pre-painted plastic miniatures for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box, an introductory boxed set slated to release in October 2011. “We’re… Read More
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 Kachow! Kids Can “Race Around the World” with In-Store “Racetrack” Boutiques, Digital Programs and Global Exclusive Product Lines Dedicated to Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2   WAYNE, NJ (May 25, 2011) – As DisneyŸPixar’s Cars 2 prepares to speed into theaters on Friday, June 24, Toys“R”Us® stores are helping kids join the “Race Around the World” by… Read More
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NECA’s official website www.NECAonline.com got a complete overhaul and redesign.   NECA’s site hasn’t been updated in awhile, but that doesn’t mean they have been hiding from the world wide web.   NECA has a very active Facebook page and the NECA crew answers more fans daily on their Twitter feed than any other company… Read More
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  Welcome to the 1st of what I hope to be a series of articles on what I hope will end in the creation of my own action figure. Crazy right? Well one can only hope. As many of you know I started Spy Monkey Creations with fellow AFI “Man of Action” Jeremy Sung a… Read More
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Last March, Japan experienced one of the most overwhelming national tragedies on record.  In addition to the irreparable loss of life, the overall damage costs exceed $300 billion, marking the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami as the most costly natural disaster in the history of the world.  As such, many businesses and organizations across the world… Read More
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Below is the trailer, the first footage ever seen from the highly anticipated STARZ original series “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” premiering Friday, July 8th at 10pm et/pt! The 10-episode, hour-long series stars Torchwood alumni, John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Kai Owen and new headliners, Mekhi Phifer, Bill Pullman and Alexa Havins.    HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED STARZ ORIGINAL, “TORCHWOOD:… Read More
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All month long Diamond Select Toys and Toys R Us have teamed up to bring you a chance to vote on the next Toys R Us exclusive Minimates boxed set. The designers at ArtAsylum have come up with five designs of  former and current heralds of the world-devouring Galactus for you to choose from.  And… Read More
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Showcasing Rare Collectibles and Memorabilia By Pablo Hidalgo Foreword by Peter Cullen   Officially licensed by Hasbro, Transformers Vault: The Complete Transformers Universe / Showcasing Rare Collectibles and Memorabilia by Pablo Hidalgo, foreword by Peter Cullen (Abrams; June 2011) reveals, for the first time ever, a comprehensive history of the TRANSFORMERS brand. Heavily color illustrated,… Read More
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Today Mattel gave Ghostbusters fans and members of their Ecto-1 subscription club and update on the schedule on the remainder of the the Ghostbusters releases for the rest of the year. Ghostbusters™ Fans, Thanks to you, loyal Ghostbusters fans, it’s been the line’s best year yet and it ain’t over yet! I’ve got great things… Read More
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Be on the lookout in the next two weeks for Diamond Select Toys’ wave of X-Men: First Class Minimates, a series of four two-packs that pair up Emma Frost with Havok, Xavier with Shaw, Beast with Azazel, and Magneto with Mystique — not only are they the only toys being made for the new movie,… Read More
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