November 19th 2013 After a six-year strong relationship with SEGA, we at First 4 Figures are pleased to announce today that we’re introducing a third range of Sonic statues to our very successful portfolio: The Sonic Diorama Collection. This new range is answering the fan demand to see more dynamic statues, and we’re thrilled at… Read More
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The biker, cross-bow hunter, Daryl Dixon, from AMC’s The Walking Dead comes in a new POP! style.     (BALTIMORE,MD) – (October 30, 2013)- The arrows are flying as PREVIEWS features two exclusive POP! figures —one bloody and one regular edition—of Daryl from AMC’s The Walking Dead. These PREVIEWS Exclusives from Funko POP! can be… Read More
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The holiday season is growing ever closer, and Diamond Select Toys just made shopping for presents a whole lot easier. Eight new products hit comic shops and specialty stores this week, and each item would make any fanboy or girl on your list scream with joy! Whether they love classic Marvel Comics, modern Image Comics,… Read More
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Independent consumer group, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, announces top STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) toys on their website, www.toyportfolio.comNEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The independent consumer organization, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, announces their list of Top 20 STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) Toys for 2013 on their website www.toyportfolio.com. “One of the best… Read More
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On November 21st, 2013 the Mordles return with four brand-new editions, including two colors never before seen, as well as the debut of the Jumbo Mordle! In 1985, the classic obscure Ideal Toys property ROCKS AND BUGS AND THINGS cemented itself into the minds of 1980s children with gruesome box art and a play pattern… Read More
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Several folks who placed a pre-order for Castle Grayskull in the original order window received the following email this week:   Dear XXXXX, We are writing you to let you know that your pre-order for the Castle Grayskull playset did not successfully process, and we have had to put your castle on hold.    Order… Read More
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Announced this past week on the Underground Toys Facebook page there is now a VARIANT wave of their first assortment of Doctor Who 3.75″ figures.  Some of the paint variations are slight like Clara’s dress, and some are more noticeable like the Dalek being black instead of copper/gold.   Also the 2 variant versions of the… Read More
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Remember when Mattel sold Japanese Kaiju figures? Had I not held onto a weird blue monster with big ears since childhood I would’ve answered “uhh, no.” Turns out, Mattel did obtain the rights to distribute toys for the popular Japanese company Popy back in the late 70’s. You  do remember Shogun Warriors, right? Same licensing… Read More
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This week Entertainment Weekly announced that the annual Turkey Day Marathon for Mystery Science Theater 3000 would return! The Return of the Turkey Day Marathon! Do you miss the Turkey Day Marathons of yesteryear, when, loaded with tryptophan, you’d curl up on the sofa with friends and family for a postprandial MST session? Well, you… Read More
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~ POP! TELEVISION: THUNDERCATS  ~ Pop! Television: Thundercats “Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, HO!” From far beyond any known galaxy… Bringing the laws and ideals of their doomed planet Thundera.. It’s the Thundercats! These Pop!’s look pretty cute and snuggly for a bunch of warriors!        Available December 17th! Read More
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————– NEW PRE-ORDERS ————– BATMAN UNLIMITED 2013 SERIES 04 – CASE, SINGLES The new Case of Batman Unlimited figures includes two each of Batman and Deathstroke (each from Arkham Origins) and one each of “Beware the Batman” Batman and Vampire Batman.  This case is listed at $99.99, with singles of Arkham Origins Batman and Deathstroke… Read More
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This month we got the final piece in Mattel’s “The Watchmen” line of 6″ action figures and the “Club Black Freighter” subscription.   As with any action figure line there are some hits and misses and things that not everyone agrees on.   Some folks didn’t like the scale of the figures since they use the DCUC… Read More
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