We have your first glimpse of in-game footage from Batman: Arkham City, which is slated to arrive at stores in North America beginning Tuesday, October 18th for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. Set inside the heavily fortified walls of a sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City, this highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s… Read More
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The Expo is the country’s largest and most dynamic consumer event for RC and die cast.   Pomona, CA (March 16, 2011)  Diecast X; a popular US collector and consumer magazine launched the RCX Expo in 2003, since that time the expo has expanded to include three exciting shows in one location: RCX, Model Airplane… Read More
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This is AFi’s first post-Toy Fair Q&A.  ToyGuru did an amazing job answering fans’ questions at the Mattel collector press event at Toy Fair last month, but there are always a few lingering questions.  That’s where you come in! Twice a month the gang from Mattel are kind enough to answer five questions from AFi… Read More
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Teased on their website this week, Gentle Giant Ltd. has announced they have picked up a Marvel license for them to produce statues, busts and other collectibles. But that teaser was just the begining, and now they have dangled another carrot in the faces of fans, a new Deadpool statue…   We will keep you… Read More
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Single "Scarabus – Lord of the Resurrected" figures (Scarabus’ main form) and the first Scarabus variant multi-pack, "Evil’s Reign", will go up for pre-order this coming Saturday night (March 19th, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet - Store Horsemen! The ‘Scarabus – Lord of the Resurrected‘ figure features full articulation, spectacular paint applications and tons… Read More
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I’ve recently re-thought about the comics I am buying, and a lot of them no longer fit into the realm of getting a good return of enjoyment. Avengers (and really any Marvel Comic) The recent relaunch of the Avengers group of books had me excited, but not at $4 each.  Its kind of odd.  At… Read More
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This week the gang at Wizkids are getting a little too big for their britches.  And by big, I mean GIANT.   They are at long last raising the curtain on their Giant Sized X-Men super-boosters and they have asked AFi to help.   This week there will be a series of three reveals leading… Read More
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Round 2 is proud to announce that, for the first time in over 40 years, Captain Action will once again be associated with Marvel Comics characters. 1/6-scale Captain Action costume sets of Spider-Man and Captain America will debut Fall 2011 at Toys’R’Us and other specialty retailers, to be followed by additional releases of Marvel character… Read More
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Here are the latest and greatest solicitations from the good people at DC Direct.  These products will appear and be available to preorder in the next issue of Diamond’s Previews at your local comic book shop.   Typically these solicitations are all released in a single month.  This solicitation is unusual again in that items… Read More
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Tonner Presents…. SUPER-SPECIAL OFFER! Tonner Opens Marvel® Event at 2011 Convention to ALL!    If you’d like to attend ONLY the   Marvel® event at the   2011 Tonner Convention in   Lombard, IL, now YOU CAN!   Admission for ONLY the Marvel® event is $225/per person.   Admission includes: a delicious lunch an event presentation… Read More
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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced that the highly anticipated videogame Batman: Arkham City™ will step out of the shadows and onto store shelves in North America beginning October 18, in Australia beginning October 19 and in Europe and other global territories beginning October 21, for the Xbox 360® video game and… Read More
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For those of you that listened to our Toy Fair interview last month with Ed and Joe from Captain Action, you will remember our mention of the updated head sculpt for this new release of the 12" Captain Action figure.  While we were in NYC for Toy Fair the gang from Round 2 posted a… Read More
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