So I guess this is a thing now… a teaser for a trailer that teases a full length movie.   Folks a teasing Super Bowl commercials, here is Marvel’s for the upcoming Avengers movie.  Catch a 10-second peek at the Game Day spot for “Marvel’s The Avengers,” and watch the commercial during Super Bowl XLVI this… Read More
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One of the casualties of DC Entertainment “reshuffle” of the DC Direct staff and brand resulted in several key players loosing their jobs, some people that remained left the company instead of  relocating to their new Burbank mothership .. um… offices.  Also DC Direct seemed to have abandoned their DC Unlimted brand that handled licensed… Read More
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As we run up to Toy Fair 2012 there are all sorts of new images cropping up.  We saw the prototypes for Marvel Legends wave 2 at New York Comic Con, now a source has unearthed Hasbro’s studio pictures of that wave. The line up includes: Big-Time Spider-Man Bucky Cap Daken Drax Fantomex Wrecking Crew… Read More
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Some interesting toy facts that were forwarded to me from the author.  As we start the countdown to Toy Fair and our coverage it’s interesting to see these stats and the global impact of toys and toy sales.  Things like: Less than 4% of the world’s children live in the US while consuming 40% of… Read More
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Diamond Select Toys sent us this peek at their most recent Minimates photo shoot: With Super Pursuit Mode KITT out in stores now as part of Minimates Vehicles Wave 3 (along with the villainous KARR), we’ve been thrilled to see such an overwhelmingly positive response from not only casual Knight Rider fans, but also the… Read More
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Love is in the air as Toy2R plans to release the third flocked 5″ Mini Qee Bear in the “Qee Loves” series. Introducing the Qee Loves Pink Mini Qee Bear. Following in the Qee-Steps as last year’s winter edition (Qee Loves White) and the classic spring edition (Qee Loves Green) Toy2R continues the cuteness with… Read More
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Limited-Edition Prop Replicas and Collectibles Based on Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and More to be Revealed in 2012                      BURBANK, Calif. (Jan. 26, 2012) – After making full-scale prop replicas and collectibles for some of the most iconic science-fiction, fantasy and action franchises of all time, eFX Inc. announced today that it will… Read More
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Action Figures, Role Play Accessories, Vehicles, Construction Sets and More Toys Than Can Fit Into a Smuggler’s Cargo Hold Land at Toys“R”Us Stores and Toysrus.com on January 30 in Anticipation of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D Star Wars fans, action figure collectors and construction enthusiasts are feeling a ripple in the… Read More
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Toy2R is thrilled to have seen Sinned NYC’s custom 8 inch Qee Bear pop up on last week’s episode of the Emmy Award winning comedy, 30 ROCK. The custom Qee was spotted during the opening of last week’s episode, The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell. Check him out, sitting in the middle of the writer’s table,… Read More
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The following message was sent out by the G.I. Joe Collector Club: Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control with the anticipated venue for the convention, the dates of GIJoeCon will now be June 28-July 1 at a new venue, the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. We apologize for any problems or issues this… Read More
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So these days it seems like no one is totally happy with the companies that are making mainstream toys. If it’s not the price hikes, it’s the selection. Or the quality control. Or the shoulders are backward. Sure, sure, these problems are all annoying, especially in light of the price you pay for the toys… Read More
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Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro is less than two weeks away and we’ve just gotten  the confirmation that the original creator of the Outer Space Men and toy industry icon Mel Birnkrant will be our very special guest of honor on the opening night – February 10th, 2012 at the TT Underground Gallery in NYC! Don’t miss this… Read More
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