Last summer, the “Fear Itself” event rocked the Marvel Universe. Heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe were transformed into The Worthy, hammer-wielding minions of Cul, the Norse God of Fear. In response, the All-Father Odin equipped his own team of heroes, The Mighty, with Asgardian weaponry that would end the aggression of his… Read More
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The moment you’ve been waiting for… the results of the 2013 subscriptions sale are in! Scott aka ToyGuru gives MOTUC and DCUC fans the good news!  Also, find out who won the 2013 MOTUC Fan’s Choice Figure vote. Read More
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Thank you to EVERYONE that bought a 2013 Club Infinite Earth sub!  We did it! Read More
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Ten years ago, the first Marvel Select figure from Diamond Select Toys arrived in comic shops. Depicting Ultimate Spider-Man, the 7-inch scale figure came with a large diorama base (a criminal webbed to a wall), and it was packaged in an oversized blister card that displayed the figure and all of its accessories. Since then,… Read More
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 Win a Role in Our Horror Movie With almost 300 movies to his name, horror film genius Charles Band is opening the chopping block (casting opportunity) to Fans who want to appear in an upcoming Full Moon Features Horror Movie. Just enter the “Win a Role in Our Horror Movie” Sweepstakes, now accessible from www.facebook.com/zvsfullmoon,… Read More
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Following DISH’s Drop of AMC, the Network’s Contest Challenges Fans to Create a Video About Losing “Breaking Bad,” “The Walking Dead,” “Mad Men,” and Other of TV’s Most Popular Shows NEW YORK, NY, AUGUST 6, 2012 – AMC is launching a new online video contest, “Hey DISH, Where’s My AMC?” (www.WheresMyAMC.com) following DISH’s blackout of… Read More
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The DC Sub thermometer doubled over the weekend!  We are 3/4ths of the way there and in the home stretch!  If you LOVE 6″ DC figures and LOVE having a line that is all sculpted by the SAME people and in the same style as each other AND you want more than just New 52… Read More
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Today Is the very last day to buy a Matty Collector subscription! We’ve heard positive returns so far for Watchmen, and according to Toy Guru, MOTUC is very, very close! Today the DC sub thermometer took a big jump up, but we’ve got to push it over the finish line! Come on folks, today’s the… Read More
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Daniel has already left for his wedding and Jason is working on a new production, but they still managed to eek out a new episode of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast! The original plan for this episode was to have it be half banter and then include another of our SDCC 2012 interviews, but we… Read More
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Art Asylum founder, Minimates creator and film Director Digger T. Mesch is producing a film and he needs our help. Agent 88 is the story of the world’s deadliest assassin… an 88-year-old British woman on the verge of Alzheimers. An eclectic cocktail of KILL BILL, CRANK and MR MAGOO, AGENT 88 is a dark action… Read More
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On the eve of the last day to sign up for Mattel’s 2013 subscriptions, and in an attempt to  Save DCUC  we bring you a quick look at the last wave of DC Universe Classics at retail – Wave 21.   This wave very much represents the sort of thing we will be getting a… Read More
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  Club Black Freighter is in full effect! Only 1 more day to sign up on Mattycollector.com to get all 6 of Mattel’s comic styled Watchmen figures, one new figure approx every other month throughout 2013! And all of these figures will come on an AMAZING Watchmen package based on the Absolute Watchmen box. Frank… Read More
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