I awoke this morning to find another awesome  stop motion short from Kyle Roberts and his  Reckless Abandonment pictures in my in-box.   This is another “Marvelous Short” using Minimates.   Kyle said,”With excitement for the film this summer, here is a slightly sillier version of what the interaction between Spidey and the Lizard will be!”   Of… Read More
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  MONTREAL, Jan. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – MEGA Brands Inc. (TSX: MB) today filed an action against Lego Juris A/S and Lego Group in the U.S. District Court of the Central District of California seeking to invalidate Lego’s 1999 functional U.S. trademark, as well as other remedies.   U.S. Customs and Border Protection has advised… Read More
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DC just announced that 6 of its titles are being replaced with 6 new ones.  Two of these, I had tried and dropped.  Partially because the story did not stick with me.  I like the characters enough, but I am also feeling the sting of needing to be frugal.  Due to money issues, I dropped… Read More
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CONAN/GROO CROSSOVER! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!   January 13, MILWAUKIE, OR—What was rumored as an April Fools’ joke has turned into a full-blown miniseries sure to bring laughs and excitement. Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce Groo vs. Conan! It had to happen: The most heroic warrior in history meets the stupidest, as… Read More
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With a whopping 16 figures released in the cloth-costume Star Trek Retro toy line, Diamond Select Toys and EMCE Toys have successfully re-released most of the original Mego figures from the 1970s. They’ve also made five all-new additions to the line, preserving the essence of the old 8-inch toys while increasing the quality. So what’s… Read More
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In the next all-new episode of The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano is reunited with Lux Bonteri, the handsome young Separatist who opened her eyes to the fact that the war isn’t always black-and-white. When Lux suddenly barges into a peace conference between Separatists and Republic delegates, he involves Ahsoka in a dangerous search to find… Read More
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  “From days long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend – The legend of Voltron, Defender of the Universe!”   I remember the days, rushing home and turning on the TV, waiting to hear those words. When Mattel first announced that they had obtained the Voltron license, I wasn’t sure what… Read More
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For those interested, the signup for the threeA toys 3AA Club Membership is tonight – 9am Hong Kong, which is 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific time…all details below… 3AA 2012 goes onsale 13th Jan at 9-00am HONG KONG TIME AND DATE, the sale will last 24 hours and the opportunity to join 3AA will not come… Read More
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Toy2R’s Qee awarded 2012 Best Brand and Design License Award by HKTDC It is with great pride and honor as Toy2R ushers in the new year with its reccent accolade, “Best Brand and Design License Award” of the 8th Premier Asian Licensing Awards by HDTDC. Just to be nominated in the top five was a… Read More
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Mimoco’s New Versatile Miniature Storage Devices Feature a Sculpted Vehicle and Characters in Star Wars™ and DC Universe™ Form Mimoco introduces MimoMicro! from MIMOBOT & mimoZine on Vimeo. (Las Vegas, January 10, 2012) – Mimoco (www.mimoco.com), renowned makers of the MIMOBOT® line of character-based designer USB flash drives, has unveiled a new product line of… Read More
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MALIBU, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Leading U.S. toymaker JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK – News) announced today an exclusive licensing agreement with Marvel Entertainment, LLC to manufacture, distribute and market a line of plush products based on Marvel Super Hero Squad that ties into the new Marvel virtual online world, HeroUp.com. Under the same agreement, JAKKS Pacific… Read More
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Ryan, our fellow blogger, inspired me twice in the creation of this blog.  First, I wanted to show how easy it is to write a blog.  Second, he posted in the forums about something that made me want to respond.  I could have responded in the thread, but since Julius gave me this soapbox (and… Read More
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