Someone once asked me to explain HeroClix.  After some practice, I have come up with this. “Its like Chess with Super-Heroes, except that if you want to play with 4 knights and no bishops, that is not only OK, it is encouraged and expected.”  At this point, I should add that you can also use… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • January 2, 201210 Comments
GreenLight Starts the New Year in Hot Pursuit of Collectible Success GreenLight Collectibles releases 1:64 Hot Pursuit Series 9 as the first new series of 2012 Indianapolis, IN (December 28, 2011) In order to set the mood for a successful 2012, GreenLight has one of their best sellers leading the pack into the New year… Read More
Daniel Pickett • January 1, 2012No Comments
Today’s January 1st. New Year’s Day. And, like any good little toy collector…one of my first thoughts, come the new year is… …Toy Fair is next month!! What are you looking forward to? Oh, and by the way…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Read More
Jeff Cope • January 1, 20126 Comments
This was a pleasant little surprise this New Years morning from Hot Toys.  The first version of the Iron Man Mark I armor usually goes for $500-$800 on the secondary market these days.  It’s great that fans will get and updated shot at this version of the character. On the First day of 2012, we’re… Read More
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Five Musical Acts, Entertainers, Fireworks and More! (Carlsbad, Calif. – Dec. 31, 2011) – The New Year’s Eve festivities kicked-off early at LEGOLAND® California Resort with a party that let kids celebrate the ringing in of 2012 without missing their bedtime. Kids’ New Year’s Eve is a special annual celebration that provides kids and their… Read More
Daniel Pickett • January 1, 2012No Comments
Someone once said, “England and America are two countries divided by a common language”. Or something like that, I’m paraphrasing. Based on my years of experience and visits to London, I’d say that’s a pretty accurate statement. We have so much in common, but besides the linguistic differences, there are lots of little ways that… Read More
Jason "Plastic Soul" Lenzi • December 31, 20116 Comments
As the years have gone by and I’ve gotten older (and wiser?) I’ve come to notice that every time one of our  distinguished men of AFi have posted pictures of their past childhood holiday toy pictures that something has been missing from my life: namely, and similar pictures of MY childhood Christmases filled with toys…. Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • December 27, 20113 Comments
There’s a bit of news that broke earlier this year that really has me jazzed. Mega Bloks announced that they would be producing sets in 2012 based upon the super-popular MMO (that’s Massively Multiplayer Online) World of Warcraft created by Blizzard Entertainment. Now, a lot of people have lost a considerable amount of time and… Read More
Jeff Cope • December 27, 20111 Comment
This video has been making the internet rounds this week and thought it would be a good finale to our video posting this week- It’s an animated short by director and former Monty Python member Terry Gilliam. Happy Holidays everyone! Read More
Daniel Pickett • December 25, 20111 Comment
Just Did! Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • December 24, 2011No Comments
Ok. One more bonus video for this week. I just saw this one and thought it fit our Holiday video theme for the week. This one goes out to all the girls that like super heroes and all the boys who like princesses. Here’s hoping you all get whatever you want this Christmas! Read More
Daniel Pickett • December 24, 20112 Comments
I guess Christmas videos will be a running theme this week on my blog as I’ve found one to post here each day this week.  Here is the entry for today- A Christmas Home Video circa 1966.  This is not me (I wasn’t born in 1966) or my family.  I have no idea who these… Read More
Daniel Pickett • December 24, 20111 Comment