The celebrated third series of action figures based on the Sci-Fi Channel hit series Stargate Atlantis are ready to embark on their most important mission to date – exploring your collection!  Featuring characters from the third and fourth seasons, this assortment offers new faces, new uniforms, new threats and a bonus figure-sized Ancient Control Chair!… Read More
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Once again our pal Toy Guru from Mattel updates us on the answers to our post NYCC burning questions:   Q1. Is the Wal-mart Wave considered wave 5 of DCUC or is it a separate wave in your numbering system?   Thereby making the Hawkman/Mr. Miracle/Recovery Suit Superman wave 5 or wave 6? A: The Wal-Mart… Read More
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Happy Indiana Jones Toy Day! For this Indiana Jones final sneak preview, we take a look at Hasbro’s 12" Talking Indiana Jones figure and he’s got a lot to say! Read More
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Scott Rogers • May 1, 200818 Comments
Well, May 1st has FINALLY arrived and my excitement comes from being able to "officially" buy the new Indiana Jones toys (Jonathan Coulton’s idea sounds good, but I’m gonna need a wife first, but I digress…).  I hit the local Wal-Mart at midnight and scored one of every basic and deluxe 3 3/4" figure for… Read More
Jim Abell • May 1, 20087 Comments
At long last.  I know many of you have been waiting for this day to arrive after a long, hard winter.  So good luck today and be safe!!   ***Warning- this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  Don’t watch it around kids, clergy or anyone else that doesn’t care to hear "the ‘F’ word"**  HAPPY… Read More
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… but Robert Downey Jr. is – oh man, is he ever. Robert *is* Tony Stark. We all know Downey Jr. spent most of his 20s and 30s in and out of trouble with the law related to his drug use and, not to make light of that, but it’s almost as if he spent… Read More
Pierre "Airmax" Kalenzaga • April 30, 20083 Comments
 First Wave of Electronic “Batman-Gear” Scheduled to Debut in May 2008   MARIETTA, GA (APRIL 2008) — Digital Blue™, the innovator in electronics and software for the youth market is proud to announce a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Comics. Digital Blue brings its expertise in value-priced digital cameras… Read More
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Spoiler Alert! This preview may contain spoilers from the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! You have been warned! Read More
Scott Rogers • April 30, 20083 Comments
  For today’s Indiana Jones sneak preview, we take a look at a vehicle from Raiders of the Lost Ark that serves as the center piece to one of the greatest scenes in modern cinema: the Cargo Truck. Read More
Scott Rogers • April 29, 20084 Comments
This just in from Mezco- A first look at Series 16 of their Living Dead Dolls.     Also: LIVING DEAD DOLLS SERIES 15 VARIANT WAREHOUSE FIND!Due to a small error involving a narcoleptic bookkeeper and a lovelornforklift driver, Mezco Direct had indicated that the LDD Series 15 variants(a special edition of only 666 sets)… Read More
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Via Trendhunter and PopFi : The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC will be hosting a spring exhibit called "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy." The show, hosted by Giorgio Armani, will open Wednesday May 7th and run through Sept. 1st. Some of the costumes are featured in the May issue of Vogue… Read More
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(pardon the craptacular picture, please) I stumbled across a bunch of Mattel The Dark Knight toys this morning at Wal-Mart (amazingly, the closest Wal-Mart to me which I never find anything at!) and, much to my surprise, I was able to purchase them.  Read More
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Teheran – Apr 27, 2008, 23:37 GMT- Iran’s prosecutor general on Sunday warned of the ‘negative impact’ which Western toys could have for Iranian children, ISNA news agency reported. Qorban-Ali Dori-Najafabadi said the mainly illegally-imported toys such as Barbie, Batman, Harry Potter and Spiderman might cause ‘irreparable (cultural) damage.’ In a letter to Vice President… Read More
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Meet the Micronuggets, a super mash-up of some of our old favorites. Yes, that’s a classic "LITTLE PEOPLE" body with a custom head and a "TIME TRAVELER" chest module. Cast in cool clear blue, the SUCKADELIC TIME STRAGGLER also comes with a cute "MOONSCAPE" Base to sit him in. Totally handmade by the Super Sucklord… Read More
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One of the neat features in the new Hasbro Indiana Jones 3 3/4" figures are the little fictional and historial relics that come packed with each figure. Below is a checklist of which relic comes with what figure. Read More
Scott Rogers • April 28, 20086 Comments
Today’s sneak preview features the German Soldier with Motorcycle as seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I don’t know what it is about bikers, but the Hasbro team really seems to pull out all of the stops when it comes to bike-riding characters (the last excellent one was Star Wars’ VOTC Biker Scout)… Read More
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Here is my latest summary on LOST.  If you have not seen the episode yet, then don’t read any further.  If you have and want to see what I had to say, please indulge! WARNING: SPOILERS!                         Read More
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As excitment for the latest Indiana Jones adventure grows – toy fans will get their Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull fix several weeks earlier with the May 1st release of Hasbro’s newest figures and vehicles based on the new and classic movies. Rather than concentrating on the action figures, I’m going to… Read More
Scott Rogers • April 27, 20081 Comment
It’s not everyday that you catch a really great cartoon. Let’s face it Saturdays morning cartoons are made for kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have great characters and tell good stories. Unfortunately these days, those are few and far between. Bruce Timm and company really raised the bar with Batman the animated series… Read More
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