Spend some time in the hallowed forums at Action Figure Insider and you’ll quickly discern that many collectors are also serious comic book fans. So I though it might be interesting to spend some time talking with comic industry insider, Brian Miller. No doubt, you’ve seen his coloring in some of the many titles he… Read More
Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann • November 23, 20085 Comments
If you are like me, then your Dexter bobble-head that you picked up at Comic Con is getting lonely on the shelf all by himself.   Well, the folks at BifBangPow have heard your cries, and starting next month you should be able to fill out the cast.   Dexter is currently about midway into it’s 3rd… Read More
Daniel Pickett • November 21, 20082 Comments
EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Nov 21, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) –Mattel, Inc. (NYSE:MAT) announced today that the Mattel Board of Directors has approved the company’s common stock annual dividend for 2008 of seventy-five cents per share. The dividend is payable on Dec. 18, 2008, to stockholders of record on Dec. 5, 2008. "The Mattel Board of Directors… Read More
Daniel Pickett • November 21, 20081 Comment
The Cylons will be returning to television early next year, making this the perfect time for these all-new Retro Cylon Warrior action figures to take over!  Exclusively available from Toy Rocket, the all-new Battlestar Galactica Razor Cylon Warrior is bringing some added firepower to the front lines! Taken from the small-screen Razor movie, the retro-era… Read More
Daniel Pickett • November 21, 20081 Comment
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Daniel Pickett • November 21, 2008No Comments
Ah the holidays are here!  Sure, most folks think turkey, Santa and whatnot.  But for me one special part of the holidays is CHAP MEI!   Who is this mysterious ninja lurking by my rice cooker…?  Read on!     Read More
Jeremy "SpyMagician" Sung • November 21, 200816 Comments
You may have caught a little news blurb in the past few days about a small plane crash in Rhode Island.  On board that plane, was my best friend, Robert Zoglio. I’ll put a few links in here to the various stories run locally, but they only tell of his end.  Not how he lived. … Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • November 19, 200811 Comments
TOY2R is pleased to announce that famed retailer HOT TOPIC is starting to offer QEES at their locations across the country. In an effort to make QEES available to new audiences and help grow the designer toy movement, Hot Topic is currently offer a limited selection of new TOY2R items both at retail locations and… Read More
Daniel Pickett • November 19, 2008No Comments
Hot on the heels of the discussions about the scuttling of WizKids and the possibility of other companies picking up the the licenses, games and assets, comes this press release from Catalyst Games on their official site:   Catalyst Game Labs has tendered an offer with The Topps Company, Inc. to acquire various WizKids’ properties,… Read More
Daniel Pickett • November 18, 2008No Comments
DC Direct has updated us with their solicitations for items shipping to stores in July 2009     ACTION FIGURES   THE HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE SERIES 2 ACTION FIGURES BASED ON THE ART OF GEORGE PÉREZ   Includes: Creeper • 6.75” h Aquaman • 6.75” h The Flash • 6.75” h Black Lightning… Read More
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WizKidsGames is no more.  You’ve seen the press release from Topps.  It was on our front news page.  It might even still be here.  The press release says that HeroClix and the other games – Pirates and Star Wars – will continue, just be run out of Topps headquarters in New York.  But just in… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • November 17, 20083 Comments
This past Saturday my little brother and I hit the Phoenix Toy Show. Before going he asked if it was going to be like Comic-Con. "Well . . . in a mini sort of way," I replied. I had been to this semi-annual show, which is held in a high school gymnasium, before. I try… Read More
Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann • November 16, 2008No Comments
Our friends over at BifBangPow just updated their site with the following news on their awesome Flash Gordon line:  After the success of Bif Bang Pow!’s ‘Flash Gordon’ Wave 1 figures of Flash and Ming, we got asked all year, "Hey, what about the rest of the gang? I want them all! I want to… Read More
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Here it is folks:      Read More
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All you, CARS fans might be interested in an exclusive promotion brought to you by Mattel and Toys ‘R’ Us. Here are the details: Earlier this fall, Toys R Us gave you the opportunity to get a Sidewall Shine car just for buying five Disney/Pixar CARS character vehicles, and it looks like this giving thing… Read More
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This news was just posted over at MattyCollector.com: As we get closer to 2009, (when MattyCollector.com will really take off with new product every month!) we finally have on-sale dates to announce. Here are the first batch of items to look forward to in 2009! (more details will be revealed in early December!) DCUC Adam… Read More
Daniel Pickett • November 13, 2008No Comments
Mezco Toys unveils its upcoming 7" figure based on the 2009 release The Wolfman starring Benicio Del Toro as the follicly challenged leading man. Or as I like to call it, "What if Han Solo was played by a dog"? Or maybe he’s Lak Sivrak’s older brother. I dunno.   Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • November 12, 2008No Comments
For a week you have squinted and drooled over at the tiny images of the newly announced DC Universe Classics Wave 8 over on MattyCollector.com.   Well now Mattel has sent us larger images of those figures so you can see more of the details.  And now that I have seen this larger image of… Read More
Daniel Pickett • November 12, 20081 Comment
I am astounded by this video. My heart goes out to this poor man, who cannot contain such power. How has this not hit the national networks, yet? Damn you, mainstream media!!! [youtube]rIVCpzSQTPc[/youtube]   Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • November 11, 20085 Comments
I found myself and my family in Western Connecticut earlier today.  We had planned on visiting a train museum, but it was closed on Tuesdays.  So I asked the guy at the hotel desk for suggestions.  The casino was out because of my kids ages.  Then he mentioned something I had not thought of.  We… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • November 11, 20081 Comment