The Transformer’s Team at Hasbro has once again come through for AFI readers answering your lateest and greatest post-Toy Fair Transformers questions.  These questionswere submittedby AFI readers via our Forums.   Q1) Can we expect to see Universe Classics Jazz, Soundwave and especially Wheeljack? TFUC seems like the perfect line to debut a true Wheeljack… Read More
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Like most of you who are close to my age (I’ll be 32 next month), growing up in the ’80s meant action figure sensory overload. With thirty-minute commercials on the air for The Super Powers Collection, G.I. JOE, Transformers, ThunderCats, M.A.S.K., Silverhawks, and Masters Of The Universe, is it any surprise that some of us… Read More
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Peter over at AFHub has done an awesome feature write up of Hot Toys’ Iron Man Mark III from the Iron Man feature film.   If this doesn’t make you break out your wallet or start saving your pennies I don’t know what will.   Read the feature and see all the pictures here. Read More
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  Now, there’s no way Mattel would ever actually do this, but they legally could if they wanted to! No, it’s not a "What if The Punisher Married Superman and had a Baby…"  It’s The Black Terror.   A character from the Golden Age of Comics, created way back in 1941 by Nedor Comics.   If you’ve… Read More
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EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Mar 10, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT) today announced it has been named to CRO Magazine’s 10th Annual "100 Best Corporate Citizens" list for 2009. The world’s largest toy company earned the #7 ranking. "As the global leader in the toy industry, our Corporate Responsibility mission is to ‘play… Read More
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Its about time that a figure from the line that drew me to the Action Figure Insider forums makes my "Best Figure of the Month" list. That’s not to say there hasn’t been some sweet JLU figures the last few months. There has. I still look at figures like Atomic Skull, Deadman, Vibe, Captain Atom… Read More
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This week our friends over at G4 send us news of this week’s Fresh Ink features interviews with Common in regards to his possible role in a Green Lantern film, and Bryce Dallas Howard who tells Blair Butler she’d love to star in a movie based on The Sword comic book.  Read More
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Birthday Celebrations Around the World Honor Barbie(R) Doll’s 50 Years of Fashion, Cultural Relevance and Aspiration MALIBU, Calif., Mar 09, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Today, 50 years after her debut at New York Toy Fair, Barbie(R) doll celebrates five decades as the world’s most popular fashion doll by unveiling a new face and throwing a… Read More
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Stamford, CT March 9, 2009 – A month after the February 10th enactment of the Consumer Product Safety  Improvement Act (CPSIA), across the country, members of the Handmade Toy Alliance (HTA) continue their vehement efforts to make common sense changes to this broad reaching legislation that has done little to  improve safety in children’s products…. Read More
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The newest Span of Sunset, Inc. X Disney collaboration has been unveiled with the immediate release of their vinyl figure Cheshire Cat in its latest color way – GOTH. The Cheshire Cat vinyl figure is based upon  Lewis Carroll’s character from Alice in Wonderland, here reborn into a 3D form by Span of Sunset, Inc. This Cheshire… Read More
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  Another free idea, Mattel!!!   This one is a total no brainer.  And takes almost NO effort.   Take a Superfriends Green Lantern body.  Put a Superfriends Superman head on it.  Repaint the head and costume details.  Done. How much collector interest is there in Superfriends?  Some, I’d say, judging by how expensive the… Read More
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     Sure, it may not be Justice League Unlimited.  But Batman: The Brave & The Bold is a fun show.  And while more kid friendly than collector-oriented, the toys are equally fun. (And yes, I know, the big hex plugs are goofy.) So in the second installment of easy ideas I think Mattel should use,… Read More
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