New York- The air was cold and the wind was punishing, but Damien Glonek and Mike Drake of Mezco Toyz, braved the elements to deliver toys for a most intriguing event. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Times Square Odditorium was hosting an “Unusual Toy Drive” and the good folks at Mezco Toyz were donating 17… Read More
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We’re extremely pleased to reveal the next Minimates in the Battlestar Galactica line will be based on the classic version of the interstellar franchise.  Two box sets featuring characters from 1978’s original Battlestar Galactica series will be released early next year – just in time forthe 30th Anniversary of this classic property! The Classic Colonial… Read More
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WizKids previously announced the“WizKids Convention Weekend” beginning on February 1 to February 3,2008, which brings the WizKids free-with-purchase convention giveaways to your local hobby and game stores.  But now, the “WizKids Convention Weekend” will now also offer DC HeroClix JOHNNY THUNDER limited edition figure.  Only available before at DC HeroClix events at Gen Con Indy… Read More
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December 19, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc. announces one of the most exciting HeroClix® Buy-It-by-the-Brick figure yet!  The World’s Finest figure is a HeroClix one-of-a-kind SUPERMAN and BATMAN duo figure.  This limited edition, numbered figure is free with the purchase of a DC HeroClix: Crisis Brick (a ten-booster bundle). “This is one of the most… Read More
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…every time I watch this! From Cartoon Brew: Colin Sanders, a game development student at UOIT,was frustrated by the quality of instruction in his animation class. Below is the animated piece he created for his final using all of the techniques that were taught by his professor. He concludes the piece with a “Thanks for… Read More
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If you love RC cars, transforming robots, or just really cool stuff, then you have to check out our video review of Johnny Lighting’s V-Bot.  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQb1BdoW3GE[/youtube]   I brought the V-bot into the office, and everyone that saw it, loved it.  I already know of two that will be under the Christmas trees of co-workers…. Read More
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Here is the latest round of DC Direct products from their new solicitations.    ACTION FIGURES    JUSTICE SERIES 8 ACTION FIGURES Designed by Alex Ross  The best-selling action figure line from the hugely popular JUSTICE series reaches its amazing conclusion with four new figures! Includes:  Supergirl • 6.5” h Batgirl • 6.5” h Toyman… Read More
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Over the past 15 or so years every new superhero toyline that springs up has been anointed as "the new Super Powers" by someone or other. I’ve always argued against it in every case, or just plain laughed it off. While Super Powers might not be able to compare to today’s manufacturing techniques that allow… Read More
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Last week I took Wee Paige to the mall.  We were on a quest to find a star for the top of our Christmas tree.  As is natural at this time of year, jolly ole’ Saint Nick was there sitting on his throne with his gaggle of high school holiday help. Paige wanted to have… Read More
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We got a quick update from the folks at Gentle Giant to clarify some information regarding their Animated Pirates of the Caribbean Maquette line.  Although they announced the cancellation of distributor orders for Will Turner and Captain Barbossa Maquettes at the beginning of this week, they are still producing the 2 items.  These items will… Read More
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Virgin Comics Fans Can Now Create Personalized Comic Books with Drag ‘n Drop Interactive Entertainment Software featuring Virgin Comics characters created by Deepak Chopra, Shekhar Kapur and more! ALISO VIEJO, Calif. December 4, 2007 Planetwide Media announced today the launch of the Virgin Comics Comic Book Creator 2.0 interactive entertainment software and digital content packs,… Read More
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I posted this least year, but here it is again in case you missed it. You savvy Seinfeld viewers are no doubt familiar with this holiday, but for those who aren’t – a brief summary on the phenomenon known as Festivus. Created as a plot device for a Seinfeld episode, Festivus is a nondenominational celebration… Read More
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We must always remember what happened on that “day of infamy”at Pearl Harbor 66 years ago today. Remembering is an act of reverence, for learning from the past. Let’s always remember Pearl Harbor, its brave men and women and the sacrifices they made that day. Read More
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December 6, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKidsInc. announces the “WizKids® Convention Weekend,” which brings WizKids free-with-purchase convention giveaways to local hobby and game stores! From February 1 to February 3, 2008,WizKids fans can get those hard-to-find WizKids giveaways — such as the Mighty Thor™, BATMAN and Vlad the Impaler — for the first time ever outside… Read More
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Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles is excited to announce the limited edition Premiere Collection Storm Statue!  Only available through stores who attended the 2007 Diamond Select Toys Retailer Conference, these highly collectible pieces are scheduled to ship in early 2008and will be limited to an edition size of only 600 pieces worldwide! A mutant of… Read More
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December 5, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc. announces the release of the MechWarrior® Wolf’s Dragoons Action Packs, which contain some of the most popular mercenary outfits in the MechWarrior game universe! The Wolf’s Dragoons Action Packs offer a variety of combined-arms game pieces.  The Gamma Regiment Action Pack(MSRP $34.99) includes a variety of powerful ’Mechs™… Read More
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5… 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO FOR UNDERGROUND TOYS! Friday 30 November 2007 – Underground Toys’ latest In Your Pocket recaptures some of the best known catchphrases from the classic puppet show Thunderbirds with iconic phrases from The International Rescue Team. Thunderbirds is the brainchild of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the… Read More
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TERMINATOR 2 ENDOSKELETON, COMMAND CHAIR FROM THE STAR TREK FILMS, A FULL-SCALE T-REX DINOSAUR HEAD FROM  JURASSIC PARK AND MARY POPPINS’ FLYING COAT AMONG OVER 1200 ITEMS UP FOR AUCTION ON December 13-14, 2007 Calabasas, CA, November 30, 2007- Profiles in History will offer over 1200 iconic Hollywood items at a two day Hollywood memorabilia… Read More
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  Understandably, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the status of Ramathorr: the Elephant Swordsman” and all of his variant exclusive figures, which we are in the process of producing for FANtastic Exclusive 2007 and “The Seventh Kingdom”.   First, we want to apologize about the delayed delivery of the remaining figures, and… Read More
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Round 5 releases the first official MMA collectible figures for Christmas ‘07.  Markham, Ontario, November 2, 2007 – Round 5 announces the release of the first official MMA collectible figures coming this holiday season.  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has rapidly become one of the largest markets in professional sports. In response to this growth, Round… Read More
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