May all your presents be safe from evil this holiday season!   Wishing a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my toy collecting friends.  Take care and be safe! Peace, Chip Read More
ChipCataldo • December 24, 20104 Comments
DC Comics is currently publishing a comic book called Justice League of America, but to me it does not star the Justice League.  Why do I feel this way?  Because DC and the writer keep putting in stuff to tell me this is about the Justice League when the identity of the team should be… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • December 23, 201036 Comments
We’ve been discussing the Young Justice show for a while here at AFi.  Several threads.  Here is one dedicated to the show  Here is another dedicated to a recent magazine article. What I find interesting is the preconceptions people have about what this show should be.  A number of them seemed to imply that the poster… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • December 10, 201014 Comments
I’m so excited, I just had to share this! The regular edition of the new Outer Space Men action figures from the Four Horsemen have arrived at their studio today! That means those suckers are gonna be shipping out very soon to folks who’ve pre-ordered them (like me!). I’ve been eagerly anticipating the regular edition… Read More
Jeff Cope • December 7, 20101 Comment
Last month I wrote about Jazwares announcing a new 3-3/4" line of Street Fighter action figures for 2011, and my general unbridled and unabashed excitement about it. Read More
Jeff Cope • December 7, 20101 Comment
   They tell me ‘tis the season of giving. I’ve never been able to prove this claim, but I can tell you, as someone who used to love the Christmas holiday, a much more honest phrase would be “’tis the season of getting awesome presents you already wanted or by some miracle are shocked someone… Read More
Jason "Plastic Soul" Lenzi • December 5, 20108 Comments
So the other night, just before Thanksgiving, I decided to hit Walmart around midnight. It’s been many years since I made a late night toy run, for a variety of reasons. But mostly because I usually have much better things to do with my time than to make a special trip just to turn up… Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • December 5, 201016 Comments
I’ve waited over a decade for the technology to be perfected… and now at long last…  An action figure…  that is ALSO fun on the shoulder!!     Read More
Daniel Pickett • December 1, 20107 Comments
I often use this medium to complain.  Instead, I thought I’d write about things I am thankful for this year (I had a minister tell me at one point he was asked to come up with 100 things he was thankful for.  He said it was hard even for him to come up with that… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • November 25, 20102 Comments
  Happy Thanksgiving, AFi Readers! Read More
Jeff Cope • November 25, 2010No Comments
by Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer and James "Sallah" Sawyer. So there was that thing back a few years ago where we found out all about the plans for the final years of the Super Powers Collection including concept art for many possible figures. And that other thing, where some extension plans for the original Kenner Star… Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • November 23, 201023 Comments
  As you may have read on AFi’s front page, Jazware’s is returning to the Street Fighter license. Street Fighter fans may recall a few years back Jazwares produced a line of 6" Street Fighter figures that were sold at Toys R Us. Most of the figures were based upon sculptures designed by SOTA. Now… Read More
Jeff Cope • November 22, 20104 Comments