Nightmares of Love Craft have arrived and are distributing as you read this! Here is a look at the packaging of SOTA’s upcoming Cthulhu figure. Although SOTA is already sold out, Love Craft will be distributed through the normal channels (online retailers, comic book stores, specialty toys stores, Spencer Gifts,ect). The Black Cthulhu (previously the… Read More
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SOTA update time! Here are some new pictures of Now Playing wave three. Notice the two Bloody Werewolf Variants? These will be available (but not exclusively) on our web-site as well as the regular Brown and the Regular Grey Werewolves. All this should be arriving and distributing in late November.         Read More
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For those of you that are MySpace friends with NECA you’ve already heard the news, but for the rest of you:   God of War Yes Kratos is coming – I dropped some hints a few weeks back now we can confirm that Kratos from God of War is coming in action figure form this… Read More
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  …for I am Chirevas, King of the Weak-Willed Geeks. One of the lines I’ve been on the fence about since its release is The Batman from Mattel.  I like the show well enough (No, it’s NOT Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series.  Put your hand down.) and I rounded up a bunch of figures at… Read More
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This will be an ongoing feature here at Ottertorials: ideas and concepts that never made it off the drawing board. While many collectors are aware of certain toys and figures that never make it into production (especially concerning Star Wars toys) most people don’t realize that for every toy made, there are dozens if not… Read More
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Just a heads-up to the AFI community. Our forum structure has changed a bit to go along with our new streamlining. Customs has been added to Toy Talk, Conventions now have their own section, Sponsor News has been moved to Toy Talk, and What’s New has been locked, since all further site announcements and changes… Read More
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I hope everyone is enjoying the blogs so far; we’ve been a bit slow getting up to speed, but there are some neat things coming that should make everyone happy (or at least slightly bemused). I had planned to have a few more cool items up in this blog at this point, but at a… Read More
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This past Sunday was October 15th.  That was the "Target date" for the JLU Target exclusive 6-pack featuring Doomsday to be released to the public.   More specifically that was the day that most Targets were to have their "Great Gifts under $20" endcap built in the toy section. In addition to the Doomsday set there is… Read More
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My family lost one of our own earlier this week. Randy Presnell passed away on Monday morning. The exact family relationship is too convoluted to explain but he was my buddy, my pal, a father figure and a close friend.  He died peacefully in his sleep, and despite some recent health issues it was totally unexpected.   He… Read More
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Maybe. Wal-mart has called out Toys R Us before the heavy Holiday shopping has even begun: Wal-Mart lowers prices on more than 100 toys I think maybe Wal-Mart knows that TRU is move vunerable now than ever, and maybe they can prevent the upswing it needs to give new CEO Gerald Storch the leverage he… Read More
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October 18, 2006: Lake Balboa, CA – Today, John Schouweiler, the co-founder, owner, and CFO of SOTA Toys, announced the appointment of Guang Yang as the new CEO and Jackson Pornpitayalert as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.    Both Guang and Jackson have had many years of experience in the collectable industry, each from… Read More
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Live Action Video Sequences in Popular Gaming Franchise to Feature Major Hollywood Actors   REDWOOD CITY, Calif., October 18, 2006 – Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that the highly-anticipated Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars™ (C&C 3) game will feature an all-star celebrity line-up for its high-definition, live action video sequences from critically-acclaimed television… Read More
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This is pretty amazing…and about as close to a "real life DareDevil" that we’ll ever see. Check it out below!   [youtube]c49dS76KhGc[/youtube]   I would imagine that way back when Stan Lee & Bill Everett conceived the character they thought that this level of "echo location" was purely in the science fiction realm (And DD… Read More
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From the DC Direct Newsletter:  Please note that the MARTIAN MANHUNTER 13" DELUXE COLLECTOR FIGURE (OCT060314) will come with two interchangeable heads, as pictured in the October Previews (Volume XVI #10). This item is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 23.   Read More
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Ok.. this is a weird one.  The Suncoast Video in the mall over by my work closed down about 6-8 months ago after that big announcement that they were scuttling over half the stores.   I was sad to see it go because they were one of the last, great alternative sources of specialty market action… Read More
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Voting rounds 1 and 2 chose the property and character to represent FANtastic Exclusive 2007. The victor? The 7th Kingdom’s Elephant Swordsman! Now in round 3, action figure enthusiasts will get the opportunity to choose the size and amount of articulation for the blade-wielding pachyderm in relation to last years’ FANtastic Exclusive champ, Xetheus: Champion… Read More
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Please note that at this time, Bandai America will no longer offer new toys based on the Teen Titans property.  Bandai America is re-focusing its core strength in the boys’ category on some exciting new properties for 2007, including our recently announced acquisition Team Galaxy, which will begin airing on Cartoon Network this Fall. We… Read More
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Exclusive Golden Tamagotchi Not Available in Stores;   Fans Can Win One Via “Golden Month” Fan Celebration at Tamagotchi.com   (Cypress, CA – October 17, 2006) – For the first time in Tamagotchi history, Bandai America Inc. – inventor and pioneer of the worldwide “virtual pet” toy phenomenon – has designed and manufactured a special… Read More
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Not much of a post, but I saw this headline today and was wondering how many other comic readers had the same thought I did? Unusual Meteorite Found In Kansas.   -Jason Read More
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Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles LLC (DST) is excited to announce an exclusive limited Chrome Silver Surfer resin statue, inspired by Marvel’s recent Silver Surfer “Annihilation” storyline!  Only available through New York-based retailer Best Comics, this highly collectible statue is scheduled to debut this fall and will be limited to an edition size of only… Read More
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