Toy2R, committed to helping the people of Haiti, would like to take this opportunity to share this unique opportunity for art collectors to help.  On December 1st, The Exhibition Vinyl Cph, was held in Copenhagen at the Danish Architecture Center (DAC). The show runs through February 2nd (this coming Tuesday) and features over 30 original customized… Read More
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Here is the latest from NEW PREORDERS IRON MAN 2 MOVIE FIGURES AND MORE Late tonight we’ll be listing many figures, vehicles and more from the upcoming ‘Iron Man 2′ movie – including 3.75″ movie figures, 3.75″ comic figures, Superhero Squad, vehicles, role play items and more – check out all the new listings tonight… Read More
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Diamond Select Toys updated their Art Asylum blog with the latest packaged images of the new, upcoming 2-packs in their Battlestar Galactica line. Battlestar Galactica the TV show might be over… but it lives on in Comic Book stores!  I’m a big fan of this line so I’m really glad to see the line continue… Read More
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One of the most interesting and eccentric people I’ve meet in the toy world is Mr. Jesse DeStasio.   He’s like the local boy made good.  A fan that worked his way into the industry.   You might know him as being the creator and curator of "Subcultures: the Art of the Action Figure." he’s… Read More
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With the dawn of a new decade comes another exciting year of comic book and pop culture fan gatherings – and 2010 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest and best convention seasons on record!  With both the San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con events already on the schedule… Read More
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SHREK – SHREK FOREVER AFTER- In Theaters May 21, 2010 In May 2010, Shrek will embark on an all new adventure in the highly anticipated fourth installment of the #1 animated franchise of all time, Shrek Forever After. For the first time ever, Playmates Toys delivers the full Shrek experience through a complete World of… Read More
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This Friday at 9:00pm on Cartoon Network!   Nearly wiped out by the Jedi Knights in a long-ago war, deadly Mandalorian warriors emerge from the shadows to exact cold revenge upon their peace-seeking rivals. Cloaked in mystery and hardened by memories of their bitter defeat, they are fueled by a collective desire to reclaim the… Read More
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I’m Back. More very soon. -JJJ  Read More
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We’re here to help… Looking at the recent travesty that occurred in Haiti this past month, it really makes us look back and be thankful for everything that we have.  Collecting toys and doing art is really a luxury.  Having the time just to drive our minds into creative endeavors is something we need not… Read More
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HBComics’  ™ Character Licensed by Shocker Toys   HBComics ™ independent comic character “Lazerman” ™ is getting the action figure treatment courtesy of Shocker Toys.   Shocker Toys acquired the license to design, develop, manufacture, distribute, market and sell designer figures and 6 inch scale action figures based on their Lazeman ™ comic property, HBComics… Read More
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We continue our look this week at the first half of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics wave 12.    Our entry today is the villain Copperhead. Once again Mattel and the Four Horsemen use some clever existing parts and dress them up with some new pieces and a new head to give us a unique looking… Read More
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As a follow up to the widely successful Wood Grain Style Qee Collection, Toy2R continues to pursue perfection in developing various natural finishes.  Paying tribute to the living force of nature Toy2R presents the first series of Elemental Qees based on natural resources. These elements balance each other through opposites: water quenches fire, fire boils… Read More
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