So you’ve seen the fine pics right here at AFI, and thanks to our fearless leader Julius Marx, I can now give you  my review of the Master of Eternia’s Undersea Realm!   Does he sink or swim…?   Read on…!   Mer-man, or "Squidish Rex," is Matty’s April MOTUC release, and the first MOTUC figure… Read More
Jeremy "SpyMagician" Sung • April 12, 20098 Comments
People have been having an issue with the DCAU and Green Lantern since a GL first appeared in Superman TAS.  I’ve enjoyed it all.     Superman TAS introduced us to the Green Lantern Corps.  Searching around the internet, stopping at places like www.ToonZone.net , reveals that DC told the animators which GL to use. … Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • April 12, 200913 Comments
Posted on Matty’s Facebook page: Quick update everyone, here are current release dates for the next few items on Mattycollector.com: Mer-Man – 4 /15 (We will likely sell out of Mer-Man on day 1, but we have a second batch coming in which should go on sale about 4/23) Zodac – 5/15 LOSH JLU 4… Read More
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‘CHECK IT OUT, MAN’   Promotes ‘Ballot Stuffing’ in Online Simpsons Stamp Vote High-resolution images of the stamps are available for media use only by contacting mark.r.saunders@usps.gov WASHINGTON — “Woo-Hoo!” At 8 a.m. ET today, the Postal Service™ revealed what The Simpsons stamps will look like when they are released nationwide on May 7. Americans… Read More
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Just walked into my local Target and found the newest wave of JLU singles on the pegs. The hunt is on! Read More
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Was taking some random shots today and figured I’d post a small Secret Wars collection update.  I’ve got one bookcase nearly full, with the only thing missing from the case being a Black Claw Wolverine that’s on the way.  I’ll probably buy another one of the cheap MOCs to fill that last spot before the… Read More
ChipCataldo • April 9, 20099 Comments
The trailer for the next in DC Comic’s Direct-to-DVD Animated projects: GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT  has been posted on line for us to drool over.    The release date for this has just been bumped forward to July. Read More
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 It was a hard fought battle during the March Mauling, with some of the closest voting rounds in FANtastic Exclsusive history, but only one champion could be crowned this year. After more than 1,000 votes that champion won the coveted spot of this years exclusive figure by only 174 votes!    It was the Ministry… Read More
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April 2009 – CustomCon 22 Day One is online over on RTM. Day One includes: What If? Age of Apocalypse (second wave) Marvel Skulls The Original X-Men Creature Features Demigods of Egypt – Horus The Terrible Trio Victorian Avengers Marvel Legends DC Direct Style wave 4 Challenge of the Superfriends – The Justice League of… Read More
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Enhanced Episodes from Season One of Lucasfilm Ltd.’s Hit Animated Series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™   Enhanced Episodes to Provide In-the-Moment, On-Screen Insights into All Aspects of the Sweeping Galactic Conflict Star Wars: The Clone Wars:Decoded premieres Friday, May 1, at 9 p.m. ET/PT                 Coming off of the record-setting first season of Star Wars:… Read More
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One other thing DC seems to be missing about team books these days is the lineup.  Some lineups are very fluid and change a lot.  Others do not.  When you pick up an issue the Fantastic Four is supposed to be 4 specific characters.  While many teams are more fluid than this, fans expect certain… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • April 6, 200911 Comments
Recently, I’ve read two comics where nothing really happened.  Titans 11 and Justice League of America 31.  And I was disappointed.  Titans 11 is just a bunch of scenes of the various Titans standing around in various places.  The whole story could have been the last page.  Where we find out Jericho is currently inside… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • April 4, 200910 Comments