Last year our good friend and partner Peter "Vader" Go ran a 3 part interview with AFi founders Daniel Pickett and Jason Geyer over on AFHub.com.   In case you missed that you can read it here. (Part2 Part3)  Now, almost a year later, as AFi celebrates our 5 year anniversary, fellow Men of… Read More
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Late last year, Toronto-based UD Replicas offered a meticulously designed, hand-crafted “Dark Knight” Motorcycle Suit that sold out of its initial run of 1,000 custom-made suits worldwide. Two weeks ago, customers began receiving their suits, and the response has been enormous.  UD Replicas has been overwhelmed with requests from enthusiasts who want one of these… Read More
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  For the first time, I’m actually getting all of a new DC Universe Classics wave without looking for it, without hunting it down, and without paying more than retail cost. In fact, I’m paying less! I ordered the entire wave through Amazon a couple of weeks ago, and got them all for the average… Read More
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So as Toy Story 3 was approaching, Disney/Pixar unveiled various new characters and one in particular caught my eye:  The Insectaloid Warrior Twitch!  So does MAN + INSECT indeed equal AWESOME?   Read on!   Read More
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Here is the latest from NEW PREORDERS GI JOE RESOLUTE – GI JOE PACK, COBRA PACK, SET Celebrate the awesome Resolute mini-series cartoon with this great new shared exclusive set of 14 figures – each totally new and nicely designed. Joe Set Includes: (Arctic) Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Beachhead and Flint. The Cobra… Read More
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The Truth is Unveiled as the X-Men Unite to Save the World in Volume 5 of the Hit Series, Includes 5 Gripping Episodes! Street Date: 5/4/10 This May, Marvel Animation and Lionsgate bring Wolverine fans the fifth DVD installment from Nicktoons Network’s hit animated series Wolverine And The X-Men.Wolverine And The X-Men: Revelation features five… Read More
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Toy2R USA and Local Hero Design proudly present the Qeeology 2.5 Exhibit on May 7th, a unique show featuring over 100 customized 2.5" Qees from more than 70 artists from across the globe. From Poland, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and multiple states within the USA – this is truly an international event. The… Read More
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Here’s a great video clip of the trailer for Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time recreated shot for shot with Lego’s new Prince of Persia sets.     Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time opens everywhere on May 28th.   Lego’s Prince of Persia sets are in stores now! Read More
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The Hasbro Star Wars team has answered the latest round of  Star Wars questions submitted by AFi readers. This is the first round of answers for 2010,and there’s plenty more to come.   Check the end of this post for how you can submit a question for the next round.   Q1) With the popularity of the… Read More
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AFi SCOOP WEEK Reveal #5   Some of you might have seen some seen some cell phone pictures of the Justice League Unlimited Lobo and his package from Mattel’s C2E2 a couple of weekends ago, but here we have the official Mattel press pictures of Lobo and his packaging.  Now you can read all of… Read More
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DC STARS HUNTRESS is available  on TONNERDirect.com for $159.99  This figure was a TONNER EXCLUSIVE from C2E2 with a Limited Edition of just 200. Comes with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity-signed by Robert Tonner    Quantities are Limited! Click HERE to BUY NOW!   Read More
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  OK, I didn’t make any new predictions for 2010, but in all honesty my predictions for 2009 can pretty much be reused without much modifications (the less said about my 2009 resolutions, the better. Ahem.) So how did I do in forecasting the future? Let’s take a look: The toy industry is going to… Read More
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