Four Horsemen Toy Design (http://www.FourHorsemen.biz) has kicked off the 5th round of voting for their FANtastic Exclusive 2007 project (http://www.FANtasticExclusive.com) and they want you to tell them how to do their jobs!     In previous rounds of voting, action figure fans have decided on such topics as favorite property, character selection, scale, and articulation…. Read More
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This February 2007, HeroClix players will choose sides in the Marvel HeroClix Civil War tournament between Captain America’s rebellion forces and Iron Man’s pro-government army.   Each player will build a 300-point army, which must include either 1 Captain America or 1 Iron Man sculpt. Then the battle begins! This tournament can be run in… Read More
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    That’s all I’m saying….  Read More
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  Minimates Series 16: Avengers DST and the inmates at the Art Asylum introduce the newest series in the Marvel Minimates collection.  Series 16 contains several fan-favorites and delivers more members of the much-requested Avengers!  Featuring the Minimate debut of Thor, this assortment consists of: Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver, She-Hulk & Wonder Man, Thor &… Read More
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Shiver your timbers! The next exciting Pirates expansion, Pirates of the Frozen North™, releases this Valentine’s day, February 14th! To celebrate this exciting expansion, WizKids is offering you the chance to receive an exclusive Pirates Nordic Raider Pack!   The Nordic Raider Pack includes 1 Ice Breaker ship called the Polaris, 1 two masted long… Read More
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In honor of the totally sweet and awesome Chicago Bears making it to the Big Game, I thought it would be fun to hold a contest of sorts.  For all the smack-talkers out there, all you fans who hate Da Bears or think they suck or otherwise shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl, I will… Read More
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JANUARY 23, 2007  – Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles, LLC (DST) is proud to announce a licensing agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to manufacture action figures and ships based on the SCI FI Channel hit original series, Battlestar Galactica.  Reimagined by Ronald D. Moore, Battlestar Galactica tells the story of the last survivors of… Read More
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Hot on the heels of the JLU reveal below, the new Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End figures have hit ebay. This first assortment features all-new sculpts of Admiral Norrington, Gibbs, Marty (with Jack the Monkey), Sao Feng and "Sneak Peek" Elizabeth and Tai Huang repackaged. There is also another Jack Sparrow and Prisoner… Read More
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  BASED ON THE DIRECT TO DVD ANIMATED MOVIE FROM WARNER HOME VIDEO IN STORES FALL 2007!   SUPERMAN vs. DOOMSDAY COLLECTOR SET This collector’s set contains the sold-out classic DC DIRECT 21-point of articulation Superman action figure as well as the sold-out Doomsday figure! Also included are bases for each figure and  the 168-page… Read More
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  JUSTICE LEAGUE SERIES 6 ACTION FIGURES Continuing the best-selling action figure line designed by Alex Ross! Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. Advance-solicited; on sale September 12, 2007 – Action Figures   HAWKGIRL 7.5" (with wings) GREEN LANTERN ARMORED 7.5" BATMAN ARMORED 7.25" SCARECROW 7.25"   NIGHTWING 13”DELUXE COLLECTOR FIGURE… Read More
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The Hall of Justice Forums have done it again! Hard on the heels of their last scoop which unveiled the 4" JLU figures of Hawkman, Fire, and Mr. Miracle, Power Guy, Christophe and the boys at HOJ have now revealed more goodies to be shown at Toy Fair 2007: a new sculpt Joker, Fire’s buddy… Read More
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The cat is officially out of the bag as of ToyFare #115. Marvel Toys (formally Toy Biz) is launcing a new line in 2007: Legendary Comic Book Heroes featuring characters from all over comics publishing.  Wave One: (Fall 2007) Savage Dragon, Super-Patriot, Ripclaw, Madman and Judge Dredd plus a 10" Build-a-Figure of Pitt!   Here… Read More
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No, no… don’t worry.  This post isn’t about some super secret limited edition figure from Mattel.  Not this year! While I was back home for the holidays I got to go visit the home of one of my best friends "Dr. Loopy."   He and I got back into collecting togther back in 1990 and… Read More
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January 17, 2007 (SEATTLE) –WizKids Inc. announced today that it will make HeroClix® and MechWarrior® Collector’s Sets, along with two convention figures previously available only direct from WizKids®, available to retail stores in the US through Diamond Comics Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors and a select group of distributors in Europe. These themed and highly… Read More
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January 16, 2007 (SEATTLE) – WizKids Inc. announced today that it would begin celebrating the fifth anniversary of HeroClix® with a massive summer schedule of events.  These events will generate a tremendous amount of excitement with players and retailers by combining an all-new tournament format with some of the best prizes ever offered for HeroClix… Read More
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Diamond Select Toys sent an image of their next Minimate release out – the "first" Series of Star Trek Minimates.  This release includes the following:   Star Trek Series 1 Spock & Captain Pike Captain Kirk & Vena, Orion Slave Girl Scotty & Dr McCoy Scotty & Dress Uniform McCoy (chase)   As you may… Read More
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Two Jack Bauer Boxed Sets to be Released mid-2007  TEMPE, Ariz. – 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising and McFarlane Toys announce a licensing agreement to produce action figures based on Fox’s multiple Emmy®-and-Golden Globe award-winning program – 24.  In an affirming nod to how much the actors and series resonates with its peers, 24… Read More
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FULL FEATURE IS NOW ONLINE!  After 40 years, Mattel has managed to get the license to do Hot Wheels replicas of the 1966 George Barris designed Batmobile.   This is the 1/64th scale Hot Wheels version that should be hitting stores next month.  Mattel is also planning 1/43rd and 1/18 scale 66′ Batmobiles.    You… Read More
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January 11, 2007 (SEATTLE) – WizKids, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors for the core hobby portion of its distribution in the United States and Canada. "Our strategic focus is to create a closer relationship with our retailers, protect the equity of our… Read More
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I love playing with little plastic people. That should come as no surprise given that I’m a lifelong toy collector and have spent the better part of a decade actually writing about toys. And while I do love collecting action figures I don’t really play with them anymore. But, I do play with little plastic… Read More
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