Gerard Way has managed to make quite a name for himself in the comics industry over the past year—racking up an Eisner for Best Limited Series, and a Harvey for Best New Series, for his breakthrough miniseries The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite. In tandem with series artist, multiple-Eisner winner Gabriel Bá, Way has created a bizarre… Read More
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I’ll bet I’m not the only one with fond memories of Underoos. I can’t quite recall which specific sets I had save for this photo of my brother, sister and I decked out for Halloween in Underoo enabled costumes. No, my sister is Wonder Woman. I’m Superman. Anyway, my mom has never accepted that I’ve… Read More
Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann • January 2, 200912 Comments
Well, 2008 is gone. It royally sucked, and might have been the worst year in recent memory. To celebrate, I’m going to share the pain with a select few companies in the first ever… Golden Otter Awards! So a word before we begin: these are my awards, my opinions, and you will possibly disagree with… Read More
Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer • January 1, 200915 Comments
                                         We have been planning for quite some time to reveal the second of our custom figure events, this one showcasing the Justice League Unlimited figures – and after some delays, the JLU Custom Showcase is live! The concept was simple: The key to the JLU line has always been cost-effectiveness while delivering great-looking… Read More
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The results are finally in!  Ok, ok, yeah I know, the results were in like 3 months ago, I know. But just in time for the end of 2008, here is the wrap-up of the inaugural Action Figure Insider DCUC Fan Bracket! First off, the lateness of this is all on me. Go ahead, yell,… Read More
Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast • December 29, 20081 Comment
Standing approximately 2inches tall, Mezco’s new take the ever popular Hellboy and friends is sure to make even a troll smile. This case of includes twelve 2packs featuring the following figures: * Hellboy with Big Baby- Whatever you do, don’t make Hellboy wake the baby! *Prince Nuada- The leader of the elves. *Hellboy in black… Read More
Daniel Pickett • December 29, 20081 Comment
One of the most dangerous enemies the Federation has ever encountered, the relentless biomechanical Borg are preparing a new assault on the Alpha Quadrant and they’ve got their glowing eyes set on invading your collection!  Plus by collecting six of these deadly drones you will acquire the necessary components to build your own figure-sized electronic… Read More
Daniel Pickett • December 29, 20082 Comments
Over the holiday break I managed to sneak away from of my loved ones long enough to crank out this sneak peek feature on the upcoming DCUC Wave 7 Big Barda figure sculpted by the Four Horsemen.  You can check it out and see all of the pictures over at my blog. And if that… Read More
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  The day after Christmas Mattel and Matty dropped this bomb on JLU collectors all over the world: Hey JLU Collectors, We already revealed quite a lot at SDCC 2008 of our 2009 line up, but wanted to give everyone a little holiday treat before the New Year. Take a gander at the image! We… Read More
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Mezco presents The Spirit movie product based on the upcoming big budget December 2008 film, a sinister gut wrenching tale of a hero born, murdered and born again. Written and directed by genre-twister Frank Miller.    This deluxe 12" scale vinyl figure is fully articulated & comes with a highly detailed real cloth trench coat,… Read More
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Just before the holidays I got a package from Mattel.  One of the most surprising things in the box was a carded sample from DC Universe Classics Wave 7. The week before the holidays,  I had visited a local comic shop that is located up the street from Mattel HQ.  On display in the shop,… Read More
Daniel Pickett • December 28, 200822 Comments
Every JLU 3 pack seems to have a character in it you already have.  I know, its been that way since the beginning.  Mattel felt that the main characters for the show were needed to keep the line selling to Moms and Grandpas.  Then one day they decided to throw us collectors a bone.  A ‘collector… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • December 27, 20085 Comments