May 16, 1990.  That’s the day the world lost a very unique individual — Jim Henson.  Read More
Jim Abell • May 15, 20098 Comments
Winner Will Join G4’s Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira and Blair Butler as Special Correspondent at Comic-Con 2009 and Receive Exclusive Privileges from Dark Horse Comics   LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2009 – Beginning today, G4 and Dark Horse Comics are kicking off a search for the ultimate Comic-Con fan who will receive the opportunity of… Read More
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The G.I. Joe Team at Hasbro has once again come through for AFI readers answering your latest and greatest post-Toy Fair G.I. Joe questions.  These questions were submitted by AFI readers via our Forums.    Q1. Are new figures still shipping? It seems as though Target and Walmart are getting nothing but revision cases from… Read More
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It’s the 15th of the month and that can mean only one thing, new product on sale on MattyCollector.com.  This month you have your choice of the new Justice League Unlimited Legion Of Super Heroes  4-pack..  On sale RIGHT NOW for $30 + shipping.       Or Zodac the Cosmic Enforcer from the red… Read More
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Most of you will remember Jerry Macaluso as the original owner of SOTA Toys.   Jerry sold SOTA a few years back and went back into the Special Effects field.   Then he returned to the world of collectibles with his new company Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, and they have just launched their official website today!… Read More
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CBS CONSUMER PRODUCTS PARTNERS  WITH DESIGN ICON jeffstaple FOR LIMITED EDITION  STAR TREK INSPIRED FOOTWEAR Bringing Street Style to the Star Trek Universe, 160 Individually Numbered Airwalks Will Be Exclusively Available at jeffstaple Boutique ‘Reed Space’ New York, May 14, 2009 – Now Trekkers can boldly walk in footwear like no one has ever seen… Read More
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It’s that time again!   DCUC Custom Showcase II: Super Powers/Super Friends So what is the DCUC Custom Showcase? Much like the shows on Fwoosh, JoeCustoms, Doosh, and CustomCon, the DCUC Custom Showcase is a semi-whenever event that ‘showcases’ the amazing talent of customizers from all over the ‘net, and letting them show off their… Read More
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Doctor Fate was the only single carded figure of the new wave that I didn’t get an advance sample of so he was the only one missing from Justice League Week this year.  He’s in stores now and I have him in hand so it’s time to add him to the AFiToy Archive. This release… Read More
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I’ll have a full turnaround phots in the AFi archive soon, but for now I wanted to give you guys a sneek peek at the newest Big Lebowski bobblehead that was hand delivered to me today from the gang at BifBangPow.  This is the Dude from the "Gutterballs" dream sequence and fits perfectly next to… Read More
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Yamato USA Announces Fantasy Figure Gallery:  The Sacrifice, Inspired by the Work of Dorian Cleavenger   TORRANCE, CA, May 11, 2009.  "She offers herself to her deity, her lover and her soulmate.  She is pure and true, unembellished by the ravages of society.  She is life… she is the ultimate sacrifice."  In these difficult times,… Read More
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Welcome to my latest Super Powers Highlight!  I apologize for the relatively lengthy delay between entries.  I didn’t have access to a digital camera to take some decent shots for the blog here, but I got a chance to not only borrow one but also purchase a nice used Nikon off the ‘Bay…so hopefully no… Read More
ChipCataldo • May 10, 20099 Comments
Oh, did I say Star Trek review? I meant my presentation of the amazing cross between "Planet of the Apes" and  "Stop, Look, and Listen": the halucinatory classic, "One Got Fat". I’ve worked for the past 48 hours with only 2 for sleep, so I didn’t see Star Trek.  Click here to view the embedded […] Read More
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