To the hundreds of thousands in attendance, and the millions at home on the internet…  Comic.  Con.  Is.  Crazy.   It’s crazy.   I’ve been going to this con yearly for, well, longer than I care to remember.  But it is now crazy.  Crazy huge.  Crazy crowded.  Just plain nuts.   It’s so big, with so… Read More
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Hey Everybody! Beginning Monday, our online store will have limited quantities of our 2008 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives: MOTU Classics King Grayskull,™ DC Universe Classics Lobo, Justice League Unlimited Giganta and Lightning Storm Lightning McQueen. If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to the Con, this is your chance to get them while… Read More
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We left LA at 6:30 this morning to be the first ones in to experience every possible minute of this year’s Nerd Prom. Jump to 6 hours later. We are still in the car. Thanks charred Vons truck and SUV. Rest assured coverage has not been affected! Otter and SD Comics are at the Con… Read More
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Toys Widely Available July 26, 2008 Prior to Lucasfilm Launching New Entertainment Property PAWTUCKET, R.I. (July 22, 2008) – With the launch of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, the galaxy far, far away continues to evolve and expand — and as it has done for more than 30 years, Hasbro is on board to translate… Read More
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  Here’s Mike’s report from the floor at Comic Con on the new product shown at the Diamond Select Toys. DST’s Ultimate Quarter Scale Line- Shipping Winter 2008 – $79.99 Darth Maul Obi Wan Kenobi (A New Hope)  Han Solo in Hoth Gear (The Empire Strikes Back)  Indiana Jones (with Fertility Idol)  MiniMates Secret Invasion… Read More
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This one is a little tricker because Mattel’s booth was still closed so Mike was looking at the BACK of the figures through the display so we can’t vouch 100% on this list.  But here’s what Mike thinks he saw new for the Mattel 3 3/4" DC Infinite Heroes line: Dr. Fate The Spectre Lex… Read More
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    From the Hasbro Booth at SDCC Preview Night, new pics are up on HISSTank of the new Joes, including:  Modern Era Wave 11 Pilot Scarlett Specialist Trakker from M.A.S.K. Cobra EEL Sgt. Airborne Zartan Swamp Squad Cobra Flint   Modern Era 2-packs Snake Eyes and Hard Master Beach Head and Mainframe Scrap Iron… Read More
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  Preview Night hasn’t even begun yet, but once again Mike aka SDComics our "man on the inside" has give us a BUNCH of scoops of what you will see when the doors open tonight!   Marvel Legends  WalMart Exclusive Wave- Ares Build-a-figure wave (8 figures) Kang (looks like it’s a re-release of the Toy… Read More
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As always Mike" SDComics" Walker has evaded capture and defied the odds to bring you the very best coverage of the San Diego Comic Con International. Check out this freaking Watchmen Owlship picture that he took!!! And then click on the pic to go to the forum thread where he spills even more beans and… Read More
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We look ever forward in this hobby.  SDCC is 24 hours away as I write this and, as we do each year, we’ll all be hunched over our monitors hitting Refresh every minute or so on any number of FireFox tabs.   I’m not downing the practice, I’ll be doing it along with everyone else,… Read More
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 It’s only about 48 hours until Preview Night begins for San Diego Comic Con 2008, and the guys at Four Horsemen Toy Design want you to pay them a visit at the big show.    The Four Horsemen will again be sharing a booth at Comic Con with their old pals at AFX (http://www. ActionFigureXpress.com)…. Read More
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The team at AFI has put together some amazing panels for Comic Con this year, chocked full of stuff you’ve never seen ANYWHERE before.   I don’t think I’m over selling these when I say these are going to blow your doors off! First, on Friday is the Action Figure Insider: Behind the Plastic: The Golden… Read More
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