Last week we started seeing a photoshopped mock-up of the Deluxe 2-disk Justice League: The New Frontier DVD set that came with an exclusive PVC Hal Jordan.   We first learned of this exclusive pack-in from a picture in a Best Buy add.  There has been a lot of speculation on what the figure will really… Read More
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This just in from MATTEL and our friend Toy Guru: I’m excited to share some great news about Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited line. Due to overwhelming support from the fans, Mattel and Target are teaming up to bring an all new Collector’s Line to store shelves starting this August! 16 brand new figures along with… Read More
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Mattel’s Toy Guru was kind enough to answer some questions about the newly revealed product shown at their Toy Fair Showroom as well as the future of some existing lines. Infinite Heroes 1. What is the release schedule for these?   IH will be on shelf at the end of the summer.   2.  What is… Read More
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ACTION FIGURES SECRET FILES SERIES 3: BATMAN ROGUES GALLERY 2 Inspired by the art of Brian Bolland Four of Gotham City’s most infamous residents are included in this series! All inspired by the art of Brian Bolland, this Poison Ivy action figure is based on the cover of BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #15, and the Two-Face… Read More
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Here are a few news items that have trickled out of the big show while we wait to see what Mattel had to show at their "nerd herd" press event today: We knew that Barbie was getting all dressed up as your favorite DC Comics characters like Batgirl, Black Canary, and Poison Ivy, but did… Read More
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We interrupt our Toy Fair coverage to bring you this amazing video, straight from the Dunk contest during the NBA All-Star game. If you don’t know why this relates to superheroes, well just keep watching. And who, dressed as mild mannered…Dwight Howard?!? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX80awk8rag[/youtube] Read More
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DC Direct showed off their usually huge range of everything DC Comics that could be related to toys and collectibles. And Diamond Select was nearly overwhelming with the giant selection of Star Trek, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica collectibles!   DC Direct Gallery Diamond Select Gallery  Read More
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A bunch more galleries are up now, including tons of Dr. Who stuff from Underground Toys, Amazing new 12" figures from Amok Time, 12" military figures from Dragon in Dream, Wacky Wobblers from Funko, and a look around the Javits con floor!  Underground Toys Amok Time Dragon in Dream Toys Funko Javits Center    Read More
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UPDATED!!!  Just put up lots of new galleries! More info on the line to come! And lots more pictures, too. (Especially more DC Direct and Diamond). NECA Showroom Shocker Toys DC Direct Diamond Select Toys Noah’s Pals Tonner Dolls  Mini Mag Stands Ertl/ Johnny Lightning  Javits Center Floor  Ata-Boy Magnets Unimax  Read More
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  UPDATED- NECA gallery is now online!  NECA once again has surprised us with their bags of coolness on display this year at Toy Fair. Stuff coming for 2008 includes a 7" Joey Ramone figure, new Cult Classics including Jareth & Hoggle from Labyrinth, Regan from the Exorcist (climbing the stairs backward!), Macheté from Grindhouse… Read More
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I know it can be a rare thing to find a significant other that tolerates your hobbies, much less participates in them. I always read with a bit of jealousy the posts from other collectors about their wives or significant others that would hunt for toys for them when they were out on shopping trips […] Read More
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  As Julius Marx wanders the Javits Center between appointments he’s snapping camera phone pics right and left to share with you, the reader. See below are a wide range of stuff, including Rocky3 and Platoon Mini-Mates, a few new Battlestar Galactica figures, A few of Shocker Toys’ new prototypes (Shi, Katchoo, and the Maxx),… Read More
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After thinking that fans had seen nearly everything that would be offered this year in DCUC, and with JLU not being shown due to its new status as a Target exclusive, Mattel came straight out of left field with a brand new DC Comics based line: Infinite Heroes! This amazing looking toy line will have… Read More
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No pictures yet, but Diamond has a new line of incredible 18" figures from Star Wars and Indiana Jones! The likenesses look to be the best we’ve seen yet for these characters. Shown in their showroom are Ben Kenobi for Star Wars: A New Hope (comes with lightsaber and jedi training remote), Han Solo in… Read More
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Hasbro revealed a few surprise additions to the 25th Anniversary G.I.Joe line yesterday at Toy Fair. Among the already-revealed figures are: B.A.T. w/ battle damaged head and mutliple arms Steeler & Serpentor w/ Armadillo and Air Chariot Breaker & Tele-Viper w/ RAM Cycle and Cobra Flight Pod Clutch w/ new VAMP Rip It w/ black HISS tank  DVD… Read More
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Our intrepid Julius Marx has called in with a bit of news for Dr. Who fans (if this sounds off, it’s because I don’t know a thing about Dr. Who and wrote it down wrong!): Torchwood is getting its own figures- they will be 7" scale unfortunately, but will include Jack, some of the monsters… Read More
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Lego has shown up this year with some awesome new licenses including the Indiana Jones license for all 4 films, the Speed Racer movie,  Star Wars: the Clone Wars animated series, and most importantly, Spongebob Squarepants! Go check out our brand new gallery of all the Lego goodness!  Read More
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And now it all begins! Hasbro’s Indiana Jones site just went live, and with it a bunch of new pictures of the upcoming toy line. We expect a lot more pics to show up tomorrow, but for now it looks like this line is off to a great start! Go check it out!   Read More
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Julius Marx is once again braving the cold, cold New York winter to bring you all the best news, pictures, and info from this year’s Toy fair extravaganza, while the rest of the AFI crew sits bundled up at home compiling it all back here for your enjoyment. Except for those of us in Texas,… Read More
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