The only place to see the World Premiere of the trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is by going to theaters and seeing The Day The Earth Stood Still, starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly, in theaters starting Friday, December 12th. (or wait a few hours for it to show up on the internet)   X-Men… Read More
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Diamond Select Toys and Toys R Us are excited to announce a new partnership that will bring the latest DST products to Toys R Us stores nationwide!  That’s right, now you can find all your favorite collector toys by visiting the greatest toy store there is! The geek-chic U.S.S. Enterprise from the classic Star Trek… Read More
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An update.  I finally have in my possession both Captain Atom and The Question from the JLU line.  While Captain Atom suffers from some of the same afflictions as many other JLU figures — feet bent at odd angles, one leg shorter than the other — the Question is just fine.  And I am glad… Read More
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The Mighty Mugg army marches on with a new license entering the line: GI JOE. Hasbro has sent up updated packaged and loose images of their up coming GI JOE MIGHTY MUGGS line.  See below for the images of of first six figures in this line.   BARONESS   COBRA COMMANDER   DESTRO   More… Read More
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Hasbro has sent up updated packaged and loose images of their up coming Marvel Legends ICONS series of 12" figures.  There are four new figures and two of them have variants.  COLOSSUS   DAREDEVIL   DAREDEVIL "YELLOW" VARIANT   More images after the jump!   NIGHTCRAWLER   PHOENIX   DARK PHOENIX VARIANT     Read More
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A cool new video staring the Lego Minimen… and you! Here’s the regular version:   If go to this link you can put your face (and the faces of 2 other friends and/or family) into the movie. Than you can send it around.   Enjoy! Read More
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At longlast, just in time for the holidays,  the new Masters of the Universe Classics line has launched and is available to order on MattyCollector.com The first two figures are He-Man and Beast man.  Each figure is $20.    Then starting next month there will be a new figure available each month. Starting with Skeletor in… Read More
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EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Dec 04, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) –Yesterday, Judge Stephen Larson, the United States District Court Judge presiding over ongoing intellectual property litigation between Mattel and MGA Entertainment, Inc., granted Mattel’s motion for a permanent injunction barring MGA from manufacturing, distributing or selling Bratz fashion dolls, or using the "Bratz" name for any goods… Read More
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In his spare moments between projects, which are few and far between, Master Sculptor Tim Bruckner started noodling around doing a series of head studies that were intended to "work some stuff out" artistically.  Some were inspired by some things he read, some were inspired by other artists and some just came from his imagination. … Read More
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I recently rewatched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with my wife who had never seen it. I wanted her to watch this Indy movie in particular since we’ve recently spent a good amount of time watching The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (plus bonus DVD documentaries!) Watching The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones you get… Read More
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TOY2R proudly announces the second POP UP STORE – this time in Philly in conjunction with the group exhibit: GIVE LESS FRUITCAKE, BUY MORE ART!, opening at T&P Fine Art on December 5th at 7:00pm. The exhibit will include artwork by: Andy B. Clarkson, Angry Woebots, Benjamin Soto, Bob Dob, Brandon Friend, Brian M. Viveros,… Read More
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I’m absolutely stunned by this story- Wal-Mart Worker Dies After Shoppers Knock Him Down Wal-Mart worker dies after being bulldozed by bargain-hunting Black Friday shopping stampede  You can read the whole story here.   Read More
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