Here’s Mike’s report from the floor at Comic Con on the new product shown at the Diamond Select Toys. DST’s Ultimate Quarter Scale Line– Shipping Winter 2008 – $79.99 Darth Maul Obi Wan Kenobi (A New Hope)  Han Solo in Hoth Gear (The Empire Strikes Back)  Indiana Jones (with Fertility Idol)  MiniMates Secret Invasion… Read More
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This one is a little tricker because Mattel’s booth was still closed so Mike was looking at the BACK of the figures through the display so we can’t vouch 100% on this list.  But here’s what Mike thinks he saw new for the Mattel 3 3/4" DC Infinite Heroes line: Dr. Fate The Spectre Lex… Read More
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    From the Hasbro Booth at SDCC Preview Night, new pics are up on HISSTank of the new Joes, including:  Modern Era Wave 11 Pilot Scarlett Specialist Trakker from M.A.S.K. Cobra EEL Sgt. Airborne Zartan Swamp Squad Cobra Flint   Modern Era 2-packs Snake Eyes and Hard Master Beach Head and Mainframe Scrap Iron… Read More
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  Preview Night hasn’t even begun yet, but once again Mike aka SDComics our "man on the inside" has give us a BUNCH of scoops of what you will see when the doors open tonight!   Marvel Legends  WalMart Exclusive Wave- Ares Build-a-figure wave (8 figures) Kang (looks like it’s a re-release of the Toy… Read More
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As always Mike" SDComics" Walker has evaded capture and defied the odds to bring you the very best coverage of the San Diego Comic Con International. Check out this freaking Watchmen Owlship picture that he took!!! And then click on the pic to go to the forum thread where he spills even more beans and… Read More
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We look ever forward in this hobby.  SDCC is 24 hours away as I write this and, as we do each year, we’ll all be hunched over our monitors hitting Refresh every minute or so on any number of FireFox tabs.   I’m not downing the practice, I’ll be doing it along with everyone else,… Read More
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 It’s only about 48 hours until Preview Night begins for San Diego Comic Con 2008, and the guys at Four Horsemen Toy Design want you to pay them a visit at the big show.    The Four Horsemen will again be sharing a booth at Comic Con with their old pals at AFX (http://www. ActionFigureXpress.com)…. Read More
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The team at AFI has put together some amazing panels for Comic Con this year, chocked full of stuff you’ve never seen ANYWHERE before.   I don’t think I’m over selling these when I say these are going to blow your doors off! First, on Friday is the Action Figure Insider: Behind the Plastic: The Golden… Read More
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  I’ll try not to whine. If I could anyplace on earth this week it would be in beautiful San Diego, California. Read More
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To The Question!!! Yes, the very long awaited figure is finally here! Thanks to Mattel for the sneak peak, and thanks to all the guys there who never gave up trying to get this figure to the fans that wanted him. Anytime you want to complain about the Mattel team, just remember nothing would have… Read More
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Here is your first look at the packaging for what is sure to be one of the hottest exclusives at the 2008 SDCC- The Unemployed Dude from BifBangPow’s "The Big Lebowski" Urban Achiever line. We’ll have more pictures up soon. Read More
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ACTION FIGURES   JLA CLASSIFIED: CLASSIC SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES Based on the art of Ed McGuinness Some of the most requested DC Direct action figures are back by popular demand! These classic interpretations of some of the core Justice League characters have been revamped and reactivated with enhanced, revised colors.   Perfect for both… Read More
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Mezco Toyz proudly announces their 3rd installment of collectible figures from NBC’s #1 rated, Emmy Award winning TV series; HEROES. Series 3 of the 7inch tall, highly detailed, collectible figures includes: Kensei Hiro- Acquiring new armor after traveling in time to 1671. Kensei Hiro comes complete with samurai battle armor, alternate head with helmet, removable… Read More
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HOLLYWOOD, CA., JULY 16, 2008 – The brainchild of producer and actor Jason Lenzi, Bif Bang Pow! – which enjoys exclusive distribution through Entertainment Earth – has in a few short years become nothing less than a superhero within the action figures and collectibles universe. And nowhere will this little company’s big-time accomplishments be more in… Read More
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  This year’s San Diego Comic Con promises to be one of the largest undertakings in geek and pop-culture history!  DST’s plans for this record-breaking event include several convention exclusives, contests, panels, a blood drive, free giveaways and the launch of a brand new website!  Below is a schedule of events as well as a… Read More
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This just in! Toynami is pleased to announce the last-minute additions of three brand-new products that will be available for the first time anywhere at Comic-Con International: San Diego! Be one of the lucky few to own these hot items months before the general release!   Available only while supplies last and in very limited… Read More
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How ’bout are you willin’ to make the commitment, wakin’ up, goin’ okay, it’s gig time, what t-shirt am I gonna wear? Can’t decide, can’t decide . . . brain aneurysm! -"Rock Your Socks Off" by Tenacious D   For our particular breed of geek a tee shirt collection is almost as prized as our… Read More
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…and, when he mentioned this, I knew I had to see it.   [youtube]PUEI7mm8M7Q[/youtube]   Hee Hee, "computing."   -JJJ  Read More
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  RIVERSIDE, Calif., Jul 17, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Today in Federal Court, a 10-person jury has rendered a unanimous decision that the majority of Bratz design drawings, prototypes and sculpts were created by doll designer Carter Bryant while he was employed by Mattel. The jury has also determined that MGA and its CEO, Isaac… Read More
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There was buzz around the interwebs today  about Hasbro’s 25th Anniversary G.I.Joe mail in "Doc" figure selling out.   Word has it some folks were getting notification of there them selling through.  We got good news today from the GI Joe PR crew:   Dear G.I. JOE fans,   Thank you for your support at JoeCon…. Read More
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