Hello Marvel Universe, Goodbye Marvel Legends, it was fun while it lasted.   *  Well I fear the end of Marvel Legends is almost here. Even though I’ve heard from a few industry insiders that Hasbro is still gonna support ML, I think the end is near. Here are the signs: – Hasbro is pushing… Read More
Bill "Fresh Monkey" Murphy • February 10, 200913 Comments
Hello AFI readers! I’m writing a brief overview of what the upcoming movie schedule looks like in terms of licensing, and need to gauge what movies are generating the hottest heat as of right now. Please take a minute and rate the movies below. I just need a good feel about where the interest level… Read More
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New Branded Space Spotlights Pokémon Video Games, Trading Card Game, Toys, Animation, and More Bellevue, WA — February 9, 2009 – Today, Pokémon USA, Inc. announced that it has expanded its retail presence for Pokémon® in Toys"R"Us stores nationwide through 2009.  Dedicated areas at the entrance of the "R" Zone video game departments now showcase… Read More
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Never.  Never did I expect to see these in plastic.  No way.  That is why their inclusion in the slide show during Mattel’s presentation on Saturday blew me away.  I’ve been a big fan of this line since it began, but this, this just shows me how much they get it. I worked to get… Read More
Erik "Superfriend" Skov • February 9, 200916 Comments
AFI’s man in New York, Cesar "Masked Avenger" Zamora once again covered the ins and outs of the Javits Center with his trusty video camera to bring you the very best of the con highlights. Take a look and pay special close attention around the 1:23 mark for some sweet DCUC Joker action! [youtube]ZSFM7JXg2Fo[/youtube] Read More
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These are the things that came to mind while I was driving to NYCC yesterday morning. A limo passed me.  Why would someone take a limo to a comic convention?  (of course, everyone on the road was going there!) A Frito Lay potato truck goes by.  They must be made by Frito Lay people.  Frito… Read More
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UPDATE! We’ve labeled all pics and moved them to their respective galleries now. We’re adding a lot more information, and all pics will be labeled and sorted shortly, but for now we know everyone just wants to see the new stuff so we’ve put it all in one big gallery for now. Enjoy!   Read More
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More exciting updates from the NYCC 2009 floor… This time, Mattel reveals some of the upcoming JLU figures.   Read More
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More updates straight from the NYCC floor…   Read More
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More updates straight from the NYCC floor… Here’s an advanced photo of the upcoming DCUC Classic Brainiac. Check out our Gallery pages for more photos.    Read More
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News from the NYCC Mattel Panel! Jason and Erik are on site at the con giving us updated from the Mattel panel.  This first panel was just for the Mattel/DC products.  Panelists included Toy Guru, The Four Horsemen and Cheryl Rubin of DC Comics. DCUC  There will be FOUR regular waves and one Wal-mart exclusive… Read More
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Wow Read More
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