July 23, 2007 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc., creator of runaway hit games like the HeroClix® CMG and the Star Wars™ PocketModel™ TCG, announced today its agreement with Disney to produce the Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean PocketModel game.  The game will release in October of 2007. Under the agreement, WizKids will be able to use… Read More
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So… I blame IronCow.   Yep.  This is Matt’s fault.    Of course, I have really enjoyed watching the first 2 seasons of the new Dr. Who series on the Sci Fi Network and BBC America.  And, yes I was looking forward to the new season starting back on July 6th.  Yeah, I watched a… Read More
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Kobe Figure Based on ‘Stylized Realism’ Found in Comic-Book Art  Carlsbad, Calif. (July 20, 2007) – Comic Con attendees and action figure collectors will be lining up for the next amazing Upper Deck All-Star Vinyl and for the chance to purchase a limited edition ultra rare Kobe Bryant action figure sporting his white uniform.  The… Read More
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This year’s San Diego Comic Convention marks one of the largest undertaking in Diamond Select Toys’ history!  Plans for this record-breaking event include several convention exclusives, three celebrity guests, contests, a blood drive and “The Hunt” – the first ever Minimate scavenger hunt!  Below is a schedule of events as well as a summary of… Read More
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Wolverine is the best he is at what he does… including killing his former super hero colleagues, taking out Galactus and eating half the brains left in New York!  Based on the hugely successful Marvel Zombies franchise, this exclusive six-inch Zombie Wolverine bust features the iconic hero as never before – complete with exposed born,… Read More
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Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles, LLC (DST) is excited to announce the latest celebrity guest to appear during this summer’s San Diego Comic Con – Aaron Douglas!  Widely known as the enigmatic Chief Tyrol on the hit SciFi Channel series Battlestar Galactica, the space-traveling mechanic will be signing autographs at the DST booth (#2607) throughout… Read More
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Mattel invited us to do a Pre-Comic Con interview with them about their booth, their exclusives and their plans for the future.   By now, most of you have seen the shadowy outline of the new, sneak preview character that Mattel will reveal at Comic Con as part of their DC Comics expansion now that… Read More
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PART II Wednesday July 13 We survived the night in Motel Hell, choosing to not take showers and just get the hell out of there. We heard all sorts of bizarre noises during the night. Very freaky. I felt bad for Aaron since he was actually using the remote for the TV and God knows… Read More
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Customized 10”  D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Qees by Artists and Designers from across the globe in Celebration of The Simpsons Movie Release   The D.I.Y. Qee Project: BART presented by TOY2R and Diamond Comics. TOY2R has assembled a virtual who’s who list of today’s hottest pop culture artists, designers and illustrators from around the world. Each… Read More
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Today Weta Limited announced they will be creating, in collaboration with BBC Worldwide, a line of Collectible statues based on the popular television series, Doctor Who. Doctor Who is produced by the BBC and is the longest-running science fiction television series in the world. It follows the adventures of a time-traveller called ‘the Doctor’, who… Read More
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Yes, friends, possibly the most unique Batmobile you will ever see is going to be a very hard to get exclusive courtesy of Mattel! You won’t be able to edge out your fellow Treasure Hunters at 8am at the corner Wal-Mart for this bad boy! Buy you a ticket for the big show, and be… Read More
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CA- San Diego Comic Con (SDCC ) is getting ready to open shop for its thirty eighth year. Starting July 25th, SDCC will be THE center of all things pop culture for four action packed days. Mezco of course will be attending, and their booth (#4145) will be alive with excitement! Not content with simply… Read More
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ACTION FIGURES   JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: SERIES 2 ACTION FIGURES Designed by Ed Benes Based on the ongoing series written by The New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer, with art by Ed Benes! Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. Advance-solicited; on sale March 26, 2008    HAWKGIRL 6.625” DR…. Read More
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Our man in Rhode Island, Superfriend, brings da funk, brings da noise, brings the lowdown from the world of the big ol’ Bots and all their flaming glory! There isn’t a bowl big enough to catch all the cool gravy being spilled in relating this harrowing tale of Bots and fans! Give it up for… Read More
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The last time I was at SDCC was in 2005; I usually try to go back every other year but there’s just too much going on this year to attend.  But I can share with you guys some insight into the wild time I did have during the last trip to San Diego. Of course, for those… Read More
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Hey kids, wanna know where Mattel is going to be throughout the San Diego Comic Con International? Then just take a gander at this nifty schedule they just sent us. And then show up to these events and ask a bunch of questions!  Friday, July 27: Mattel and DC Comics – a heroic partnership fan… Read More
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We received a very suspicious package at AFI this week. One that contained rather monsterous contents that greeted us with terrifying sound. And then shed all over the carpet. What can I be talking about? Why not click on the link to read all about the long awaited surprise from our friends at Mattel! Don’t… Read More
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SOTA Toys has always tried to please the hardcore fans.  It is these fans that give us the support and input that helped make our toys some of the best out there.  We are now taking this to the next level.  We are going to take a more "grass-roots" approach to some of our figures. … Read More
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Join us in supporting the Diane Kamahele Memorial Fund by bidding on a host of unique items that Sideshow will be auctioning off during Comic Con. Sideshow does not typically eBay its products, nor has it previously sold any pre-production samples. However, the company is dedicated to honoring Diane’s memory by providing a health and… Read More
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July 12, 2007 (SEATTLE) — The Marvel™ HeroClix® “Coming of Galactus™” event begins today at registered hobby and game stores worldwide!  HeroClix players at hundreds of retail locations all over the world will compete in five weeks of tournaments.  Each weekly tournament is a Sealed event and is played using game pieces from the Marvel… Read More
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